Hats of to the Sceptics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sammers68, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I'd share an experience from me recent holiday in Florida that got me thinking ( I'm still not over that... I try not to think whenever possible as it makes my head hurt !!! )

    Went to the Shamu show at Busch Gardens, and before the thing kicked off they asked for all serving and ex members of their forces and their allies especially the UK to stand up... Rapturous applause ensued from a full stadium... It made me feel a lot of things, but mainly :-

    Embarrased - Everyone know's we Brits are shy at heart
    Ashamed - why cant that sort of respect for our service people be shown here

    Over there is has to be said that being a member or veteran of the armed forces carries a lot more respect than it does here. Big companies offer lots of discounts, they stage big parades on Veterans day ( rememberance day )

    Our American cousins arent perfect in the way they treat their vets and wounded, as anyone who has read much about the VA will know, but damn, they do seem to value their people more than we do.

    No point to this post btw... just a little info for anyone interested ! :)

    Oh, and for the record, the biggest thing that this holiday made me think was that I must NEVER take both my parents and the out laws with us on holiday again !!!!! :D

  2. Had the same experience last summer at Sea World in Florida and we were allowed in for free. When they asked the military to stand it brought tears to my eyes there was so much respect and pride.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Outstanding - and when compared to the attitude shown to our troops by local councils and this gobment, well, there is NO comparison.
  4. For all their faults they do know how to look after their forces and also the forces of their friends. We can't even sort our own boys out let alone anyone one elses. I've encountered numerous occasions of kindness, respect and thanks for Brit forces troops by the spams. If only the special relationship could teach Brown something on that subject.

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  5. Despite all the differences and their own problems, I have always found the US to be at heart genuine and supportive as individuals and as a nation. Whereas as the Uk is full to the brim with selfish, lazy, demotivated, excuse ridden wnakers.
  6. But they do it as a matter of course.
  7. Sorry but as the old saying goes "No applause please - just throw money".

    Do you really want this type of "recognition" from your local crowd at a footie match or similar?

    Not sure why but the whole idea seems a bit tacky somehow.

    Just not British old boy.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The English reserve in me agrees with you on that point, however, the sheer and cold indifference shown by authority here toward troops has stuck in my craw for many a long year.
    Without wishing to take anything away from the present force, and the tribulations and hardship they endure, we elder and long in the tooth squaddies served in various thetres in 'police actions'. The global village had yet to be built, so media coverage was sparse and spare. No video recorders, so we rarely, if ever,saw anything of our conflits, since we generally were in places where tv was non existent.
    No publicity about what we had done, where we had been or about those who didn't return.
    So, it's good nowadays to be kept abreast of developements, and to see some signs of applause for troops.
    Te USofA does it so much better. Whether it is because they are less stoic than us, or are perhaps more enthusiastic and receptive to celebration.
    It's a truth that in our benighted land, no-one really likes to show any pride or patriotism. Damnit! It's almost illegal.
  9. Seconded.
  10. However it is British to treat the forces like sh1te, to make them live in squallor, to pay them a pittance but still expect us to "do our bit" while the great unwashed sit comfortably at home harping on about how bad the war is and that we shouldnt be there.

    At least the Yanks appreciate their lads and lasses doing their bit.

    A mate of mine took his family to Disney Land not that long back. When they realised he was a brit squaddie, he was pulled out of the queue, taken to a separate entrance, ushered through with no fuss, given a load of vouchers for free entry to tourist attractions, for free meals, the works. You'd never see that here.
  11. Come on, you guys. All this sudden Yank love on ARRSE is making me feel creepy, in a come-sit-on-Uncle-Jimmy's-lap kind of way.

    I'm much more comfortable with the usual "cnuts who can't spell" banter. :D
  12. No love there TY, personally cant feckin stand yanks, but at least they look after their forces...thats all. I'll take myself out back and stick needles in my eyes for being nice :wink:
  13. free beer at Busch Gardens as well.
  14. I agree that the Septics do look after and look up to thier servicemen.
    I have found that they have loads of patriotism and flag waving traits and agree it can be annoying with thier "everything and everywhere should be like the states" mentality. I think that on thier own they are bearable as long as you remind them that they once were under our flag and empire.
    Collectivly they are a very generous nation and it does come accross as bragging. It is a shame though that our country cannot practice part of the same traits.
  15. The Yanks are way over the top with their faux national emotion and cod sentimentality - but the concept of valuing the forces and veterans is something we should do better. Have a look at the French - their vets get a lot of benefits and are valued by the state without the 'yee-haw' b*llocks the Yanks add on top.