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From the BBC, so it must be true:


Correspondents say UK commanders are contemplating calling in elite paratroopers and Royal Marine Commandos after hopes of securing the city in a rapid operation faded.

In one reported incident, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards were forced to retreat about 15 kilometres (10 miles) to avoid a potential ambush by Iraqi Republican Guards believed to be heading out of Basra for a surprise attack. "


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Dropper - you are an idiot.

The rule of thumb is 3:1 odds in your favour, unless you are in a good defensive position.

Kindly keep your "hat" drivel to the NAAFI bar. :mad:


Matt is right, tanks aren't really designed or intended for urban warfare. Off the top of my head, a recent example of large armoured formations coming acropper in a city is when the Russians tried to capture Grozny during their first Chechen campaign back in the mid 90's, when they lost dozens of tanks, BTR's, BMP's etc (and that was primarily against guerilla forces).

I know I'm probably stating the obvious to most ARRSE regulars, but the General who decided to replace the RSDG with the RM and Para's around Basra was making the right decision considering the circumstances. However, if we do have to fight our way into the city we are still running the risk of significant casualties.