Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ukdaytona, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Ex-soldier Kevin Preston has been branded a benefits cheat by a poison pen sneak - that's the thanks you get for serving your country, guarding the Queen and getting blown up by the IRA.

    Mr Preston, who lives in Crownhill, receives a war pension stemming from back injuries he received when a Provo bomb blew him off a wall in 1983.

    But the former Guardsman has received anonymous letters accusing him of faking his injuries.

    He has taken them to police, who are investigating, but is appealing for the harassment to stop.

  2. *fires up the OUTRAGE bandwagon*
  3. Chances are he knows the sender too!
  4. Absolutely disgraceful what a country we have become...................
  5. What he is probably best doing is making sure everything is square with his GP and the benefits agency, then start spreading the word that he is bench pressing 300lb+.

    The little squealing fcuker will be so incensed that he/she will not be able to annonymous for long.

    Then its time ti give him/her a (close) intro to explosives.

    In short who gives a fcuk what these knobbers think, they are not worth the sh1t on the bottom of your shoe.
  6. What's this country coming too . You dont have a country any more where they help people less fortunate than themselves .

    You have Joe Bloggs thinking that someone is having a bit more than them and want to know everything about the disabled person life .

    What a lot of people fail to understand is that people who have disabilities with help and support want to be able to live a normal lifes as possible.

    From what i understand a lot of people with disabilities are being targeted whether they are military or civilian and our government should start protecting disabled people from these nasty narrow minded people who cause so much stress to them
  7. Hey this person was only obeying the government directives.

    If you are a good citizen then you should grass on anyone you suspect of being a benefit cheat/hosepipe user/non recycler/etc etc.

    If the great and good encourage and urge us to do these things then why are we so surpised when it actually happens?
  8. Oh yes indeedy......I'm going for the burn!
  9. Best thing he did
    The worst thing he did
    because that will only encourage the nasty little fecker