Hate it when i can not think of a good come back!!!

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by darbs, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Ok, so i am have this chat on a well know social networking site and i posted a comment about camerons visit to the states. I posted attached to the story "Why does this make me think more trouble for the UK and prob result in the deaths of more British military personel?" and some yank replied:

    Doubt it all the troops are leaving the war zones.. Perhaps Cameron is looking for some US $$$$$$$ and never pay back

    I replied:

    Doubt it!! The USA has more debt with the UK than any other country, more than we owe them. Maybe Obama is looking for our cash seeing as we still have a triple A credit rating. And who ever told you all the troops are leaving the war zones is either after your vote or forgot to mention the time scale said withdraw is 2014 i beleive. Which i guess still leaves time to invade Syria, Iran and what ever unstabe counrty has oil under its sand.

    Yank replied:

    Then perhaps the British government shouldn't send in it's british troops to help or maybe they do because if England gets invaded it will only be the US that will send in their troops to help the Brits. We will always OWN your asses! Oh how soon we forget:)

    So at this point not sure if i am angry that maybe there correct, or if i am just angry that i can not think of a good reply!!

    Can someone PLEASE think of a good reply????
  2. Give us the name of the forum and your username/password and we'll do it for you.
  3. Yea, as long as you unload your weapon outside our home.
  4. Might give that a miss skintboymike, bur thanks anyway! :)
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah. "Sorry, I walked into something I cannot back out of without calling for backup from internet strangers. You win Buddy".

    It is work in progress, but I feel it is a start.
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  6. Maybe some true British manners. Politely request the yank to remain at his keyboard whilst you prepare a suitably witty, yet high-brow response.
  7. Just tell him he's a Brit. The American civil war was brits fighting brits and brits won.
  8. What makes it worse is the yank is in fact British born but living in the states!!
  9. Just tell him to ******* kill himself.

  10. You could do that but he might **** off in the middle of the night and slaughter women and children in their beds!!

    Is this post bad taste, its not the NAAFI after all?
  11. Yer maybe doofuschap, maybe a bit on the harsh side haha
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Mention that it only took the Japs attacking at Pearl Harbour to stir the Yanks into actually recognising the menace of the Axis powers, they didn't enter WWII out of the goodness of their hearts.
    Oh and that Nazi Germany declared war on the USA to back it's ally japan...allies do that sort of thing for their friends.
    If you need any more help feel free to embarrass yourself again by asking for it.
    History biff.
  14. You could always tell him to get fucked. Point out that we paid for the goods we received. First they took all our dollar reserves, then all the american shares of private investors, the gold, all of it. In fact it was only after Roosevelt had sent a warship to South Africa to pick up Britain's last reserves of Gold and we'd spent 5 billion dollars buying American kit did he come up with the idea of lend-lease. We finished paying that back about 8 -10 years ago, many, many years after the Japs and the Germans finished paying there war reperations.

    So, yeah, tell him to get fucked.