Hate it or love it,......

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TheSpecialOne, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Hate it or love it, Eurovision is back. Did anyone see the Ukrainian babe singing? Great bod, looks and voice - and she has 2 tours under her belt - Kosovo & Iraq! Impressive
  2. I love it me. Sitting here making the wife and kids watch it with me. I've only missed 2 in 30 years of watching and Wogan's comments still make me laugh. The results are the best bit now they're done by the pubic. Last year's Yugos all giving each other nul points and so on. Am I alone in my Euro fetish? "All of you here are amazing!" WTF? It's begun!
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Feck! I thought you were on about Marmite!!!

    (Opps! Wrong forum...I'll get my parka!)
  4. I've not heard a single good song yet. Croatia were just on and she (it?) was scary!!

    I predict Nil Point pour les rosbifs, the song was useless and as Tata proved you only get famous by getting schoolgirls to kiss, not drape themselves over some poof...

    Perhaps next year it won't be so disappointing?
  5. A bit of a tangent I know but I knew the two fcukwits who represented Ireland last year.

    However, I didn't know the girlie was a lesbian :cry: until she outed herself very publicly...

    Maybe thats why she refused me a few years back???
  6. nah, it's cos you're ugly. Women are only lesbian cos they've not met the right man yet :D

    There are some strange strange entries this year. Oh and did anyone catch a glimpse of that presenter's nipple? Or was that just me...
  7. *sigh*

    It's such a political farce generally. However congratulations go to Portugal who didn't give a single point to Spain - unlike Andorra who felt they had to give 12 points to one of the worst songs in history

    Do we not win because we don't have anyone who likes us? :cry:
  8. It's the best barometer of how our cuntinental neighbours are rubbing along I can think of. And France always loses now the pubic get to vote. Wonder why.
  9. To be honest it's not just politics, it's cultural. Think about how close all the ex-soviet states are to Russia and each other culturally compared to say the UK or Spain etc. It's not just "old friends" voting for each other, but people voting for something they're most used to seeing: Apart from Finland

    Finland will obviously win, which is a poor reflection on the quality of Eurovision; was it ever good? Did it all go wrong after Sandie Shaw?

    The best true "euro" song had to be bosnia, but Ireland weren't bad.
  10. Beats Big Bro'Finland Rocks
  11. Hate it. I also had the misfortune to glimpse the British entry on the news this morning and it appears to be some blonde muppet rapper with a handful of schoolgirl dancers around him.... :? I left the report wandering if it was a joke or not; we'd have a better chance with the crazy frog than what I saw.
  12. Norway were hot
  13. Saturday night!!! Haven't you lot ever heard of public houses
  14. As the winner of the euro-row normally dictates the trend for next years songs - its highly probable that euro-cr@p 2007 will be a bit of a rock fest - therefore I nominate Motorhead to do Great Britain's entry next year - it may not win, but one things for sure - Sir Lemmy of Kilminster will liven the proceedings and none of the other female contestants will be safe.