hat or no hat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by grab_a_spoon!, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. o.k it was 3am this morning and me and my mate were having a drunken disscusion about, weither more jobs in the world require you to wear some sort of head dress! i.e army skid lids etc. we have brought this to the masses to finally lay this topic to rest!
    remember your vote in this election actually counts!
  2. Bit of an ARRSE question really mate.

    Is your life always this exciting? :wink:
  3. as i said it was a drunken chat that has carried on all day today. we need to close it before we end up scrapping about it!
  4. How about finishing it with people who acually give a toss then?
    rather than in here?
  5. because we thought it would b a laugh! who are you the humour police? just because you did'nt enjoy it, does not mean others wont chuckle at the stupidity of a drunken chat!
  6. just in case you missed it..YES I am one of the humour Police!!
    i am sure the others will let me know if am wrong, this topic is as funny and worthwhile as a chocolate fireguard IMO..
  7. to you and probably millions of others this is a poo thread, to a point i agree but surly i can voice any opinion i have on the internet? we thought that was the whole idea! oh well to the 6 people that agree with me thanx!
  8. Of course you are right. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and I wouldn't have it any other way. However CC was right. This thread is about as funny as an orphanage burning down, slowly, with all the kids trapped inside.

  9. .......was that a tumbleweed passing the door?
  10. That went down like a fat girl in a cake shop
  11. GG...nice one mate ...haaahaaa !!
  12. Sic him CC, go fetch!
  13. Well so far you've got 26 votes there, so it looks like there are a lot of people who who think the subject is interesting enough to vote on but too contentious to declare an opinion about. Personally, I put it down to fear of being thought 'uncool', but then, I'm an old fart who doesn't give a toss about that.