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Discussion in 'Officers' started by devexwarrior, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Further to a previous thread that I trawled for but couldn't find, where is the cheapest place to get a Field Officer's braid affixed to a No1 Hat?
  2. Please tell me it's not for a wedding.
  3. I get my man to do it, he goes to a place in London I think.
  4. Hi,

    Have you tried "The Cheapest Place To Get A Field Officer's Braid Affixed To A No 1 Hat" shop?
  5. Kashket in RMAS at £55.
  6. You have acheived the lofty rank of major (earning 48K pa) but don't have any mates who can give you this info or don't want to shell out fifty quid?

    Is this the BDSM uniform fetish magazine or the Walter Mitty Daily?

    Sorry OP, I don't doubt your bona fides but I just find this thread a tad depressing.
  7. Much cynicism, yes I picked up this year, yes I'm happy to pay for the tailoring and yes I'd rather pay £40 than £70 for something (as most people would). I believe there is a small allowance given, but it hasn't filtered through the pay system yet. As always, there is much advice around, some of it useful, some less so. Arrse, not just there for the bad things.
  8. If Herby will do it for £70 plus P&P, let him. The el cheapo MessDress.com are quoting £75 sovs. A year ago they were quoting £50, when Bugger All picked up.