Hastings UK to Hastings Sierra Leone Drive


Ive just come back from SL and part of my job was filming the amputee victims, lovely, I got a great reception (being an amputee myself now).

Anyhow, I have hatched another idea. Driving from Hastings here in Sussex to Hastings Siera Leone.

Need a bit of advice on planning the drive across the desert bit in 4x4, and Im keen to pick a team of likeminded ex forces disabled (amputee/PTSD sufferers).
Ideally you must be able to drive, map read, but I need mechanic, navigator, Dr before I even think about it.
Check out my www.thortaylor.com for abit more about me. Im on BBC sometime soon, no idea exact time yet but will post it on my www soon as I know.


Did anyone catch me on BBC1 south east today? My footage was of the places in Sierra Leone I need to help.


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Yes, but when and how are not yet decided. I would like to be able to leave the 4x4s for the fire service to use.


There is an article on my work in Africa in the November issue of sussex Life for those of you who can get a copy. The article is unter twin towns.


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Hi Thor,

Glad to see you're still at it!!

Nice to see you in Morrisons the other day!

I'm sure there's a few members will either want to assist or know someone who will.

Just a thought though: You're posting like a mad thing - wait until you get some replies first!

Edited to add: Thor does some really fanastic work for charities and the needy, and he could do with some help. :D