Hasnt the cnut got more pressing matters to attend to?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Mr Brown apologises for something that happened before he was born (if indeed he was born - he looks like he was fcuking hatched).


    Why is he meddling with history? No doubt at all that the poor fellow in question played a bit of a blinder when it came to cracking codes; however bright he was, he just hadn't managed to work out that men and women are different and quite what to do with his bottom or his todger or those of his pals. The recent trend for mindless political correctness and the strange attempt to legislate against the laws of nature is 'slippery slope' territory.
  2. I do wonder what this cunt is going to apologise for next, women having periods perhaps?

    Doesn't he realise that this is in the past and this man was judged by his peers according to the laws and moral standing of the time? A shame and a waste granted but fuck all difference to him that he's now received an apology.

    Headline grabbing cunt.

    Did I forget to say that Brown is a cunt?
  3. My point exactly. That was then, now is now. The slobbery apologists for the slave trade have the same effect on me and the bleedin' do-gooders who got all excited about the 'Shot at dawn' lads. Get over it, for fcuks sake. How far do we go back? Should we make the Romans apologise for some of the less appetising parts of their cultural quiver?

    And what the hell is a postumous knighthood? I hope the HM the Q has enough balls to say 'Fcuk off and die' to the one eyed prong.
  4. Bear in mind that the MG Rover report was released (at midnight on BBC website) and nobody believes what has been written following an enquiry that cost £16Million.

    Brown probably thought that it was a way to distract the press. Look at the Daily Telegraph where he published his "apology" and read the comments left by members of the public beneath his drivel.

  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    As pointless as this whole exercise is, I can't really blame Broon for this one. People whinge about all sorts of crap, and when some hippies with nothing better to do get all arrsey about something that happened 60 years ago they can be difficult to shake off. All Gordo's done is take five minutes out of his life to cure some social thrush.

    Zero expenditure, zero effort, minor boost. Shake your head at the weirdos kicking off about it, by all means, but we all know they exist. Giving them common sense just makes them worse, and if pandering to them only requires a paragraph before you move on, so be it.

    It's possibly the only thing he's done that's not screwed up the country in some way, so don't get down on him about it!
  6. As an aside to Browns apologistic nonsense the BBC also reported:

    Ooooh look out ... that's 100,000 sorries then!

    I also found this part of the report amusing:


  7. The whole affair around Turing does highlight the innate arrogance of politicians and how they believe they have a "right" to legislate against the natural inclinations of some folks, just to satisfy their own perverse greed for power.

    It's also notable that this prohibition of homosexuality only ever applied to men. There's never been a law against lesbianism. Now why was that?

  8. Bolleaux....hardly a five minute job to create, vet, communicate an article in the Daily Telegraph.

    As if the numpty can't find some current problem to deal with? I know it's been quiet on the Susan Boyle front recently but ffs!

    Has he congratulated England for qualifying for the World Cup or had the England Cricket team round to No 10 yet.

    Cnut numero uno......

  9. The story I was told was that Queen Victoria refused to sign the Act with the clauses included. Which may be b0llocks, of course.
  10. apparantly because when the law was brought in Queen Victoria refused to believe that women "would do that sort of thing!"
  11. Wasn't that because Queen Victoria couldn't bring herself to belive that such a thing as lesbianism could exist?

    Regarding the OP I think its a nice gesture to say sorry to the mans family. Turing did great service to his country and the treatment he recieved was shokcing and shameful.

    Its also true that he wasn't alone in this.

    Edited. Beaten by the Yank!
  12. Do you think he did it just to keep Peter Mangledbum happy?
  13. Even if he wasn't gay, he was little unhinged. Alan Turing had an obsession with Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He commited suicide by eating an apple that he himself had laced with cyanide trying to mimic the movie. Given his probable tenuous grip on reality, a rejection by a lover would probably have pushed him over the edge as well.

    The fact of the matter is that he was persecuted for being gay, as he was a security risk at the time. Given the access he had, this probably left the authorities at the time very little scope to deal with him.

    I don't know why we are now apologising for something that was done in a different time with a different mindset than we have today. The law has been changed, the personal freedoms of gay people is paramount in law, what more can we do? What next - will Gordon Brown be apologising to the french for the kicking we gave them at Agincourt?

    Shouldn't Gordon Brown be doing other more imprortant things with his day?

  14. the best part of this story is the fact there is a gay rights group called "OUTRAGE!", id very much like to see their tour bus
  15. Or didnt want to incriminate herself? Albert did pass away 40 years before her...

    Is thinking that still treason?