Hasn't she turned out well.

Add the ones aged over 16 that have been child stars and made it into the 'turned out well' category. Repeats can be added if you find a better piccie.

Just for a change, the girls on Arrse can post here too.

The delightful Emma Watson...

Helen Flanagan...

Ooh ooh, a chance to letch at my favourite.........Lena Zavaroni.

Prepubescent (just)




Hasn't she turned out well.
Brooke Vincent (The little sister) coming along nicely.



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Seems that Emma type is worth about £20m.Not that that changes my opinion of her of course.
She's a fucking GWAR with a Mongs forehead. Jesus. I thought the NAAFI Bar was all about STANDARDS. Get a grip, do.


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I think she is alright
Hey, we're all entitled to an opinion, catfucker.

She is short and ginger with a strange forehead. Which means she is Welsh. The Welsh fuck sheep and if one is going to step over that line, one might as well fuck a cat. You can buy cats in shops and do them in the privacy of your home, thus avoiding shagging a sheep out on the fells and some smartarse tourist filming you and posting it on YouTube.

Would you like to give your cat a cute name? Before you shag it you sick fucking pervert.
Bonnie Langford. There is something appealing about a 46 yr old woman who can put one foot behind her head whilst standing up.


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