Haslar. The last MoD Hospital?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Detonator, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. ON MARCH 31 2007 the Ministry of Defence will hand over the keys to Royal Hospital Haslar, before it closes for good in 2009. Gary Cleland unearths 100 reasons to keep it open:


    1 Closing Royal Hospital Haslar will mean the UK is the only Western power without a dedicated military hospital.

    2 Haslar is currently carrying out more operations than at any point in its history.

    6 Haslar has a burns unit which has never even been used.

    7 It is one of the country's most secure hospitals, with high boundary walls and MoD police protection.

    12 The government has scrapped plans to spend £200m on defence medical facilities in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

    35 The hospital has room for a helicopter to land so that casualties can be lifted from ships.

    51 Defence medicine was first to have moved from Haslar to Newcastle – the constituency of the then Defence Minister. It was then moved to Birmingham – the constit-uency of the new Defence Minister.

    54 The armed forces need a hospital for recuperation – both physical and mental. Haslar, in its superb, peaceful location, is ideally suited for this purpose.

    55 An estimated 5,000 injured troops are being prevented from joining front-line operations while they wait for medical treatment.

    56 Since the war in Iraq began in 2003, around 6,600 UK troops have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    57In the last six months more than 60 have been injured fighting in Afghanistan.

    58 Since 2003 more than 600 have been flown back to the UK for treatment.

    59 Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham has recorded one of the highest rates of the MRSA superbug.

    60 Royal Hospital Haslar is one of the cleanest in the country

    61 Around 70 military medical consultants have left the services in disillusionment over the last five years.

    62 Haslar has a pool to help rehabilitate troops who have had their legs amputated.

    64 Troops serving abroad have spoken openly about hoping that if they do get injured it is serious enough for them to be sent to the US military hospital in Germany.

    65 Neurological intensive-care beds in Britain are in short supply.

    77 The government has not put forward an alternative to the £200m Selly Oak project that has satisfied critics.

    89 Haslar boasts a decompression chamber.

    95 In February 1997, the Defence Select Committee recommended that Haslar should be protected.

    100 Royal Hospital Haslar has
    provided medical care for the armed forces and for the local
    community for 253 years.
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  2. And sadly only one reason to close and you guessed it MONEY. They can make more from turning in to a housing estate, from the sale and taxes, than they can turn their grubby little snouts at.

    What Mr Cleland has pointed out is too sensible for the gobment to understand.

  3. Reading that though I dont see how they can build there, its all listed, and full of graves.

    Actually, yeah you're right. :x when there's money involved, they'll manage.
  4. I was under the impression that some of the building had already been converted into asylum hostels.

    Though this is all from hearsay - so may be talking crap (Had been known)
  5. we turn yet another corner in the disgrace that is the currnt government
  6. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    WE know this is a disgrace, unfortunately it does not affect the majority of the public. The military have a hospital of its own? Where military people can talk about their problems with people like them, and have done the same things. Secure? Peaceful? Now why would they want that?

    Some little toady in a government dept. will have that place ear-marked for development. Apartments will be there in 2011, mark my words.
  7. The asylum centre is across the road from Haslar Hospital; it is called the "Haslar Immigration Removal Centre".

    I was told years ago "they'd never sell Haslar as so much of the land is contaminated from POWs held during the Crimean War who died of Cholera and were buried in shalow graves there".
  8. From my understanding what was HMP Haslar is now an immigration removal ctr. Dont know if they've had some of the buildings away.

    Looking further into this its been said that no new housing developments should be built in Gosport until the roads are improved, like thats gonna happen (I've seen it and they've no chance).

    I fear you may be right.
  9. Beat me to it about the Immigration ctr mate, fingers of fire!

    That nice eh?
  10. Time for another Signature Op on the same scale as Op Nimby and op Help our Gurkha VC's?

    Count me in... Again 8)
  11. And yet it was thought safe to place a hospital there?
  12. Not the last - we still have Akrotiri!
  13. Run that one by me again! Does anyone have any further information about this? Have I managed to miss this announcement on the news or has it been kept quiet? :x
  14. DITTO has anyone got hard fact etc as its letter writing ranting too the press time again
  15. Hospital buildings etc were already there, supposedly they're buried in the fields and open areas around the hospital. If any development happens it would disturb the ground and lead to all sorts of nasties being released. Sounds like a myth doesn't it!