Haslar radiography dept manhunt

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by booby, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Time- Today that's Wednesday 23 August 2007 approx 15.30
    Location- Haslar Hospital Radiography department
    Description- Male RAMC blerk white/blonde hair and eyes to die for
    Find him now please! Is he single? :oops:
  2. Stalker! Stalker!
  3. How would you like your bunny? Boiled, why of course.
  4. Hey if your that easy I fancy a bit. Your not fat are you???
  5. Not at all! If you don't ask you don't get though hey?!!
    Shouldn't you be finding him for me- you only have a few days before I lose interest!
  6. Urm... Why should we be finding him for you?
  7. Blimey - a bunny boiler who can see into the future. Be afraid, be very afraid!
  8. Now now boys what's this the green eyed monster rearing it's ugly head?
    Wattamatta? Never been reaaaaally WANTED like that? mmmm
    If you are that man I want you now!
    If you are not him just find him for me pleeeez-
    It's ever so simple! :twisted:
  9. Nope, anyone who knows him will be sniggering about how they can wind him up in a couple of months by telling him that some burd had been looking for him but that it's too late now, she said she'd lose interest after a couple of days... :D
  11. Do you also read the instructions on condoms packets to find the spelling mistakes while keeping yourself waiting? :D
  12. Only if you're cr@p :)

    Edited for school boy grammatical error
  13. Gratitude- its a beautiful thing
    I'll give you some
  14. I don't want to stir some random RAMC's porridge though.
  15. pedant