Hash House Harriers (H3)

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by BuggerAll, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    An other Hashers out there in ARRSEland? If not here should be. Mrs sknn and I have recently taken up Hashing. Basicly its a socail run/walking club. 'Drinkers with a running problem'. A trail is laid by a 'Hare' and the pack folow, The Hare can lay false trails etc. see http://www.gthhh.com/. Most towns and cities have a Hash or 2 in most countries of the world - apart from being fun you get out and about and meet people.
  2. ON, ON!

    I was a Hash House Harrier 35 years ago in Malaysia.
  3. Tried it a couple of times and loved it - haven't found a club in my area though.
  4. Every time I dropped into the Harp Irish Bar in Sarajevo a few years ago on a Hash Harrier Day, I had full intentions of joining in the 'Hunt' absolutely amazing though how a few pints of ice cold Guinness and either a Rugby or Football Match on the Sat TV manages to keep you well and truly glued to the Bar as you hear the sound of the Hunt Horn disappearing into the distance...Oh Well! another one missed, I'll definitely make next week's :lol:
  5. Many happy hashes with SHAPE HHH.
    Not a sport, more another method or excuse to drink. Our son and dog were also hashers and were given names too.
  6. Isn't that where it all started IrishGuard?
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm 'Buggah All' and Mrs sknn is 'Wee Mouflon' The former describes my occupation and the latter is a mountain goat in Cyprus.

    Any other good names?
  8. Got stashed to do a bit of HASH HOUSE HARRIER business with a load of ex-pats in Dubai once
    i was really pi ssed off . Turned out to be a wicked crack , blazing drunk and i got a free t-shirt .
  9. I was always one for scorning this fine sport - saw myself as a bit too serious a runner to take part. Also, in the military it always seemed to be barking mad colonels who took part - often dragging along their RSM's & RQMS's (a CR booster for them).

    I changed my mind after I left the mob, I was in Canberra sitting in my hotel room when there was a knock at the door, I opened it and was greeted by a gaggle of people from the Aussie company I was working with who promptly dragged my down to the local HHH - a quick jog around a lake (highlight of which was me being attacked by a roo) and then the drinking competitions began. On a par with the third half of a rugby match but with females.

    I desperately wanted the job of 'new females breast inspector'.

    Somehow they kept voting for me to drink tinnies in one 'OK, is there anyone here from Scotland - yes! - down in one mate' To the sound of zulu warrior. Then, 'OK, is there anyone here from United Kingdom - yes! - down in one mate'

    The rest of the evening was just a blur.
  10. Yes indeed.


    However in those days it was true Hash and not the Running and Fitness Clubs that we have today.

    I was a well known Short Cutting Baastard (SCB), a title which I held with pride.

    I ran mainly in Penang and the Grand Master at the time was Nick the Turd.
  11. Hashing, excellent fun. I was with the Dubai Creek HHH for a while when I lived out there, excellent times!

  12. Although according to the link you posted, it started nearly seventy years' ago..

    Your post seemed to quietly insinuate that you were a founder
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Ahhh - Sarajevo HHH - now those were the days. When were you there?
  14. Wasn't 'famous anus' a SHAPE hasher ?
  15. I ran with Penang Hash and although I held committee positions, I was not the founder.

    Penang Hash was founded on 1st June 1965 by Robin Rawlings ex Singapore.

    Run Details: Men Only Hash, that runs weekly on Monday at 1800 hrs. Guest Fee: Rm15 which includes food by hare after run.

    Hash Contact URL: http://www.penanghash.com.my/
    EMAIL: info@penanghash.com.my
    MAIL: P.O.Box 270, 10730, PENANG, Penang

    GM-Michael Tan Chuan Kang: 04-421 9695(O), 04-421 2268(F), 012-427 2111(M), tck2000@tm.net.my

    VGM1-Bala Taiping: 012-510 5112(M), sbalasubramaniam@teleflexmedia.com

    Mcghee@Gila: 012-474 9780(M)

    Maddog Dr Gopi: 012-498 3327(M), islandclinic@yahoo.com

    OnSec-C W Howell: 016-422 0017M)

    Last update 2nd July 2005

    In the 60's to late 70's most Hash House Harriers in Penang were either Australian/British Military with a sprinking of British Expats and Business Execs plus a few locals. Things are different today and I notice that there are breakaway Hash Groups who even allow females to run. :( :wink: