Builds Hasegawa F-16 MLU Klu

That 1:48 Scimitar is a rare kit and the Classic Airframe Gannet ASW kit is going for £230+ on eBay last time I looked and if you have the CA Sea Venom that is around £180. The F-35B kit is at least £60+ on its own.
Envy Envy Envy. :)

I had 3 Gannets at one point and gave 2 of them away, what a sap !
Could of made some nice coin whilst keeping one.

I also knew of the Airfix new 48th scale Bucc 6 months ago so should of unloaded my old one, again a very slow as the old toolings we’re going for over a ton. Doh !
So walkway decals on and so far so good, some silvering close to the panel likes on the wings but I think I can sort those. I was putting off the decals as they might of been a mare, its taken all afternoon to get these done
but at least they are now on and I can seal them in and get a panel line wash on the uppper surfaces now.







Cheers chaps and thanks for all the likes :thumright:

So not far off finishing now, added the Inert AIM-120's, so all now that is left is a satin varnish and a panel line wash, should get that cracked out this week. Been playing with the Airfix Bucc in the background, it was started back in 2007 ish and needs a bit of TLC so it could be the next project.




Its been a while since any updates on this build
I think it was started back in 2006 but was posted up on another forum in 2008 - See, I'm a really fast builder and its getting a bit of a joke really, blimey they bult the real deal faster and i'm not trying to copy Sim's Chinhook !

So I have decided to get this one finished or closer to finishing - can't promise and I have the right to change my mind.
Its been kicking around the workshop slowly getting damaged with bits being knocked off and covered in dust.

I've repaired most of the damaged and broken parts now and gien the airframe a wash and some micromesh work to smooth out the primer.







As you can see she is in good shape (ish) and probably not far from another new primer coat. I'll finish the F-16 and then get cracking so by the time its done Airfix should have released its gazillion quid new tool but in its RAF guise. That is a dig at them btw - £72 for a 1/48th scale aircraft is just crazy !
Some of the other bits that need cleaning up or stripping.
Looks like I have most of the parts still.





Can't quite remember why this got side lined ?
I'm sure you'll be able to confect any missing bits out of card, putty, wire and old bits of Simmerit...

Pretty sure any bits that have fallen off Sim will have a label attached - "Not for Flight " and those that are still operational might not pass for use ;-P
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