Has your old barracks been demolished?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by egg-banjo, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Obviously this question is assuming that there is someone else on this site who actually served in the Army. Looking around some of the posts I doubt many have.

    Out of the 5 or so barracks I spent any time in 4 of them have been flattened and houses built on the places they once stood. Sad really.
  2. Blackdown Bks in HK went ages ago. Shame, as I believe it was the only multi-storey car park owned by the Army. If it wasn't, it was certainly the only multi-storey tank park. MLC 70 as I recall.
  3. Most of the barracks I was based in are still standing with only the old RAOC Apprentices College Dettingen Barracks & Reith Barracks, Bielefeld comning under the dozers
  4. Uniacke Barracks was. They then rebuilt the fucker and made it nice. San Sebastian in Germany was handed back to the Germans who, so i believe, promptly condemned it as unfit for human habitation. That just goes to show that the OC knew fuck all when it came to block inspections.
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  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Waterloo Barracks in Munster is gone
  6. Arborfield is still there.
    Bordon is still there.
    Hyde Park Barracks is still there.
    Mercer Barracks (Osnabruck) is still there but dissused.
    Napier Barracks (Dortmund) I think has gone - not sure, certainly left to rot.
    Sterling Lines *cough* is still there but I think the boathouse has fallen into the lake.

    Other temp places - dunno.
  7. Old park barracks, former home of the RE hitler youth is now a housing estate.
    I think Chepstow went the same way.
    The Armoured Engineers pulled out of Munsterlager, but I have no Idea what happened to the barracks.
    Chattandean barracks and Lodge hill have gone and are soon to become a new town.
    I have little knowledge of the rest of my temporary homes apart from Gib barracks which I am sure is still going strong.
  8. Goojerat Barracks, Colchester; gone. Housing estate there now I believe.

    Hyderbad/Meeane Barrackes, Colchester; Going, last time I saw. Probably now flattened.
  9. The Royal Pavillion, QATC was demolished and is now an office block.
    QEMH is still standing but was taken over by a now bankrupt NHS Hospital Trust.
    Gaza Barracks was demolished a couple of years ago.
    DKMH...I'm not sure?
    BMH Rinteln like QEMH is still standing but was handed over to the Krauts.
  10. 3 Foeld Wksp in Tidworth was partly demolished to build the RBL resettlemt centre, but the accom was across the road in Kandahr bks, so is still standing
    York Bks is stil there according to google maps
    Osborn Bks HK is still there but now in the hands of the PRC, though we did knock the shit out of it before we left
    ditto the Prince of Wales bks, which had the most expensive swimming pool in the world within the wire
    All the rest are still standing, as I visit them regulaly
  11. Old roman barracks in Colchester gone.
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  12. Waterloo Brks, Munster and Chelsea Brks gone
  13. The Hotel Goojerat in Colchester, RIP. We had an awesome Sqn bar in there too. :-(
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Napier, Suffolk, Westriding and Moore Bks all gone.
  15. Windsor Boys School Hamm now demolished with the exception of the Church and Dining Block - the remaining land is now a housing estate and fire station.

    Ebrington Barracks Londonderry now almost totally demolished.