Has your laptop become uber slow or keeps crashing?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Aunty Stella, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. As a bit of a follow up to a post made a few weeks ago, we had one of our laptops at work start to show the same symptoms that mine did previously and start to dramatically slow down if multiple apps were run and then just shut down for no apparent reason.

    This particular laptop still had a service agreement on it though so off we took it to PC world.

    They ran the normal AV, malware etc progs and found nothing. The geek at their "Tech Guys" bench did say from the off though "I bet it's overheating, bet the fan is filthy".

    5 mins later he had whipped the keyboard off the HP laptop and showed me the fan and heatsink underneath and it was trully minging.

    Vac'd it out, put it back together and it now runs like a dream.

    Advice he gave to me was that once a month, with the laptop turned OFF, put a vac tube up against the cooling inlet and leave it there for a minute or so to reverse the fan and suck all of the shite out.

    Prior to the cleaning the processor was running at 104 deg C if Word, Excel, IE and WMP were running at the same time (that was the easy test he did), after the clean out it was running at 42 deg C and as you know, heat in a processor = loss of processing power.

    Just a bit of easy advice I thought I'd pass on as it makes a ridiculous difference, vac your laptop out once a month.
  2. Arrse, what an education! Thanks Stella.
  3. At the same time as hoovering the fans, also run the hoover hose over the keyboard, its surprising how much debris collects under the keys. :)

    A-S Mr Bossy managed to completely fry his 3 year old laptop as he never hoovered it out. When it finally burnt out and he took it apart there was enough debris round the fans and on the insides to fill a bin....and enough dog hair to re-coat a great dane!!! :x
  4. Yes, a good timely reminder, my laptop was tripping out and I was wondering what had gone wrong. I heard the fan come in pretty fast and the progs slow down, also where I had my palm was getting fried so I did as you said Aunty and shut it down. Taking it apart it was solid in dust so a good clean is now done every few weeks. :)

  5. Just done it and my laptop no longer feels like an AGA stove..top tip. Oh and I think it's a bit quicker.
  6. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Many thanks for all the advice.
    I have put the vac over my computer and it not only runs faster but it runs like a new one.

    Cheers Aunty Stella and others.

  7. I was wondering where the moggy's hair had gone.
  8. HP Laptop? G70-213EM? 17" screen and 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD?

    I chose it because it had the quietest fan and was the fastest booting up. Had it a couple of months and it has not let me down once, and has operated faultlessly

    I havent hooverd out the fan yet, but I best do so, Its rather dusty in my flat.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    No, but that's because when Acer Aspire 8920G (or 'Lappy' as I like to call him) has had too much to drink, I'm the designated driver.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Evidence please...

  11. I always thought some of the new processors work to lowest denominator ie, if there is hardly any work to do it can use less power. I also thought that if the CPU is too hot it will also ramp down the speed to combat this?
    Not sure on this just thought I read it somewhere....
  12. Take a little care doing this though, I have spent time in the past sifting through hoover bags to recover dislodged keys :(

    I believe most, especially laptops, will 'throttle' the CPU if it gets too hot in an attempt to cool it down again, less speed = less heat generated. This can have an effect on overall performance.

    This can sometimes be turned on/off in BIOS.
  13. I think I should clean mine out a bit, had it for 5 months now and haven't cleaned it once. Also I have it running nearly 24/7.
  14. Why you annoying man?

    It was broke, they fixed it by doing what I mentioned above. It's good advice regardless of "why"

    Why do you need to ask for a dissertation every time someone posts something you think you know more about?

    Long and short of it, laptop went slow and shut down, blokes that fix them for a living fixed it, told me the cause (I didn't care what all the tech reasons were for) and passed the info on to me. Hot = Bad. Who cares why if you can prevent it? Sorry I didn't actually care enough about "why" to pop off to the library and look it up for you, unfortunately for your standards I have a life and didn't care as long as it was fixed.

    I'm fairly sure that lighting a match in a gunpowder factory would be a bad idea and I'd pass that info on, I wouldn't expect to have to give a complete chemistry and physics lesson in the process.

    It worked for me so I passed it on to here as a favour, stop being so bloody smarty pants **** all the time (because your sarcy 2 line question to me isn't the first "I'm superior" b0llocks question you have used to respond to advice), it's getting fcuking dull.
  15. Its actually just worked for me too. I think I had Afghan ISO container dust in there from about 3 years ago. Serves me right for having a meffy 3 year old laptop but it has actually improved.

    Good Shout!