Has your capbadge been impacted by the TA budgetary cuts?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dry_Clean_Only, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. So... After the interesting findings of my C1 poll, I'm now curious to see which units are being affected by the cuts to the TA budget. Since my capbadge i.e. R Signals seems to be the underdog at present, I know our situation e.g. reduced MTDs, cut training weekends, no more live firing etc, however I don't really have an idea of the what the status is for the other arms. :roll:

    So let's get a picture of the TA cuts, are we all in it together, or are some arms getting away with it! :p

    Vote if you have been affected or comment if you haven't!


    Edited: because I am a mong sometimes
  2. You may find the cuts are throughout the entire TA not just certain corps or cap badges.
  3. Yup I figure that is probably the case, though I am curious to see whether the majority of those who post here, represent all the respective arms at large. It's possible though I guess unlikely that some units may have come through unscathed e.g. national specialist units rather than the more conventional local units.
  4. Well the Signals lost 3 regiments 33 34 and 36 istr
  5. 35...?
  6. Well, SGRS are one of the "national specialist units" - and we have been hit. We have the same MTD caps (although mobilised tasks don't count so it is hitting fewer of us than other units), arbitrary bans on various things espec travel - v useful for a national unit, having to specifically justify claiming pay for unit or other admin tasks (C1 for your interesting staff work - rock on!), AT as C1 etc. Being part of 2 Bde, who have been whacked harder than anyone else to date, doesn't help.

    On the other hand, we've still got a full list of op and non-op tasks, we haven't actually been banned from recruiting ... So pretty much the same sort of inconveniences that are hitting everybody, and similar to those I remember from budget crises when I was reg.
  7. Weekends towards the end of the year have been cancelled and likely next year as well. However, as we are due to deploy in 2011 ( as a TA field Hospital ) I would have thought more training was needed.
  8. RAuxAF, not TA but we're all in the same boat.

    In the space of a fornight, we went from 45 MTD to 35 and now 30. Bearing in mind that we need 27 MTDs for Bounty, a lot of the lads that work shifts or weekends are in trouble. Mandatory weekends are the way forward, I suspect there won't be any 'sweep-up' for those that miss APWT, etc.

    Many Sqns have had recruitment banned, we're being allowed to continue because the CoC are getting pretty good at binning non-attenders and those who are "war dodgers". Not my quote, by the way.

    Although RAuxAF can recruit up to aged 55, all the advertising is now saying 18-35. Seems we don't want all the Cold-War Warriors after all!

    Gunner trade training to reach 'deployable' status already dropped from a minimum 42 days in 2008 to 38 days this year. With a cap at 35 MTDs for next year, the course will obviously either have to run over two years or be stripped back even more. The state of some of them coming through the programme is shocking, even for RAF Reg!

    This year had seen us doing a lot of very good, worthwhile and relevant training as badged Gunners. Will next year see us doing the very minimum to achieve Bounty qualification? Bloody hope not. It's hard enough already going into PTD with Regs who do it all day every day.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    AT is C1
    MTDs closely watched with authority required for over 50 MTDs
    T&S subject to prior approval from Bn before costs being incurred.
    All weekends still on, all trg nights still on.
    Training for the rest of the year includes an airborne exercise, Offrs and SNCOs study weekend and Coy level training (including Sp Wpns).

    We just finished annual battle camp:

    20,000+ of 5.56mm ball used at camp (including 2,000 per shoot for a Platoon (-) FOB shoot). Sadly we couldn't use the other 30k we took with us as the ranges were cancelled due to the demands of a higher priority user.
    80 x L109 thrown
    25,000+ of 5.56mm blank plus 8,000 of 7.62 belted blank for FTX and build up phases.
    No R&R, but middle weekend consisted of flying to Arnhem for the 65th anniversary commemorations including 2 parachute descents.

    Budgets are definately being cut, but are controlled at unit level, so if your training is being cancelled look inwards as well as outwards.
  10. I'm from a specialist RE unit and we have had MTDs cut in line with everyone else.

    We only parade for drill nights fortnightly, although there is a skeleton crew of permanent staff for the alternate drill nights. You can attend these nights and get HTD but no pay.

    MATT requirements are scaled back severely, again in line with everyone else.

    I've got a couple of tech qual courses which haven't been cancelled, although one has been moved into the next bounty year.

    For an independent squadron supporting one regular regiment, we have 34 individuals who have deployed at least once on operations since 2003. Many have deployed twice or more. I'm not even including people who volunteered to support the regular unit during various periods of high workload in the UK. I think we are justifying our existence.

    Many would be deploying more, but don't/can't due to the voluntary nature of mobilisation, myself included.
  11. Sorry, Dukey - too positive, even for you.

    Many Units are having trg cancelled against their wishes due to significant budget cuts brought to bear at almost no notice. In some regions (not London obviously) training will be all but switched off in the new year. One drill night per month and no weekend training. Indeed, for some, this is already the case.

    It's past being a pissing match - it's serious.
  12. There are no options in the poll. A "yes / no" would help.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Mr T,

    It is not a pissing match - my point is genuine. 2 Div have passed budgetary control to the regional brigades for further onwards movement to individual units. Each unit is being given a control target (CT) which they must work within.

    4 Para have to make savings this year, and are doing so by the methods covered above - AT being C1, much tighter control of the "extra" MTDs typically eaten up by the unemployed/students, and very tight scrutiny of the T&S budgets.

    There are no cuts on the training programme in place at the moment, but Bn reserve the right to impose cuts in the last quarter of the financial year if required.

    I say again - if your training is being demolished to the extent that people say it is, you need to ask why.

    Is it:

    a) Because your unit has massively overspent in the first half of the year and has not allowed for the second half?
    b) Because your allocated slice of the budget is too small? If so, why? And what are your CofC doing to appeal the budget allocation?
    c) Because your unit has allocated the budget in such a way that it impacts the low level training to that extent but to the benefit of others? If so, who and why?

    MTDs for junior ranks are cheap, local training areas available and SPSIs etc are paid regardless. Better that all of your soldiers get to train under the permanent staff than they are stood down to allow budget for travel/hotels/admin days for the higher daily rate elements of the unit.
  14. The RTC(Sc) MTDs have been cut with us at ITW being least affected although we are down to a max of 50 from a min of 90!
    STW have cut at least five courses to date and will no doubt cut a few more, travel has been cut, again no affect for ITW.
    STW, OTW & CLM now start on the Sat and not the Fri with their manning being looked at ie if not needed dont come in for 'admin'

    We, ITW have seen little impact so far on numbers attending the TSC(A) & (B) but there may be a 'knock on' effect......
  15. FFB

    you capped at 50 SUTs per intake?