Has Ukip's Glastonbury branch really been possessed by the devil?


In the Independent Has Ukip's Glastonbury branch really been possessed by the devil?
Mr Livings told newspapers about the infiltration of the Wells Ukip party, by “the Glastonbury occult crowd”. “They are oddballs putting on these retreats where they guarantee angels will be present. And we’re experiencing such vitriol and bile from them.”

Speaking to The Independent, My Livings denied using political dark arts to undermine the Tuckers. He said the real reason for drawing attention to Mrs Tuker’s Angelic Reiki website was because “I had received enquiries from prospective voters who were uncomfortable with the Tuckers as Ukip activists.

“Call us old fashioned, but the kind of people I have been acquainted with over the years have come up through the Anglican Church, Christianity. They find the stuff on the angelic website very off-putting. They associated it with the occult.”

Mr Baynes said last night: “Graham Livings certainly doesn’t practise the political 'dark arts.’ The Tuckers have been unbearably difficult. I don’t want to belittle what they believe, but I don’t think it has a place in politics.”

In their disappointingly normal semi-detached home, the Tuckers, very politely, put the record straight. First up, this “nonsense” about the occult.

Yes, says Mrs Tucker, there is a sign in the entrance lobby about “one nice witch” living here. That’s a joke. Yes, she does have a black cat, and yes, it is called Lu, and yes, that is short for Lucifer. “But Lucifer is an angel of light. People have edited and modified Christian teaching a little too much.”

Her £35-an-hour healing sessions involve nothing more sinister than soothing music, sympathetic chat, and the transfer of “angelic energy, from angels”.
An "Angelic Reiki master and certified Inca shaman" I'd say that's just the sort of people you need campaigning in Glastonbury.
Glastonbury has never been the same since the guitar strumming, dope smoking ditty weirdie bearded hippies found the place in the 1970s. It always was a bit of a one horse town, but since it has been taken over by the Vicky Pollards and druggie Chavs Dole Scrounging wasters, the town is a fecking disgrace now!


Or in any political party? We had a Tory this week extolling the virtues of astrology, some Labour MPs believe in socialism and the Lib Dems... least said the better!
Really they should leave this "alternative" sort of thing to breakfast TV and Prince Charles.
I had relatives who lived in Benedict Street in Glastonbury just off the High Street years ago. they were glad to leave after all the dole scrounging drink and drug fuelled layabouts used to hang around and clutter up the main church in the High Street. These F*ckers, ( drug & drink fueled doley scrounging w*nkers & weirdie beardies) were always intimidating the local elderly pensioners by demanding cash so they could go and buy more cans of Special Brew for lunch......

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