Has the UK lost its way with the law

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Rattler, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. UK Law
    European Law
    and Now Fugging Sharia law (trying to squeeze its ugly head in)

    Dear Jim can you fix it for Reagan and Carter to come back and sort the law out..
  2. I'm not sure Jim is in a position to fulfill your request I'm afraid.
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  3. First you say you want UK Law only then in the next breath you want a dead yank actor and a peanut farmer to come and sort it out. Come on man make up your mind.
  4. Only one law required and that is Judge Dread and his Law giver
  5. MR T seems to know right from wrong, unlike most other black fella's.
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  6. I saw something on tv this morning about Sharia law becoming very popular in the UK and to be honest I was quite shocked. As far as I am concerned the UK is not the backward middle east and as such sharai law has no place in British society and I am surprised (well maybe not) that the government allows these muslim councils to conduct such courts. It is definatly time the government clamped down on what is happening and made sure that people respect British law instead of EU and sharai law.

    Why the hell would we want reagan and carter here?
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  7. Unless thats a wah, I think you will find he's refering to two TV cops from the "SWEENEY" in the 70's, ie sweeney todd, slang for the Flying Squad of the
    Met! No pc nonsense for them, they got stuck in & sorted criminals out without having to look over their shoulders for the "umin rites" & "diversity & race hate laws" that modern coppers are beset with!!
  8. Never! Really?? Well bugger me with a fish fork and call me a kipper.
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  9. We can't kick a Muslim Cleric out because it interferes with his human rights,Bollocks, what about the rights of the people who may well die or be injured by the effects of his preaching. As far as I can see it's fine for any ethnic minority to do anything they like as long as they only pick on indigenous, Christian,working taxpayers. (like the government does). I was walking around Bristol center today and suddenly thought things don't look so bad, then I realised the only people with time to go shopping are all the foreign nationals I'm paying benefits to keep here! WTF!.

    N.B. Bollock's refers to Earl and Bill Bollock, otherwise known as the "Blue Sky Boys"
  10. Or indeed worry about such niceties as whether someone was actually guilty when they could fabricate evidence or beat confessions out of someone...
  11. The Beth Din would probably give you apoplexy.

    Do your own googling.
  12. CMD should fcuk the Muslim cleric off back to Jordan now!!!

    I suspect it would be a very popular move. Plus give thr ECHR a two fingered salute.
  13. Knowing quite a few members of various Forces around the country at that time, some of whom were family, I think you will find that sort of behaviour was highly exagerated, mainly by dodgy Lawyers, villains themselves and the usual handwringers! But just look at the way crime has increased since the the days the Police stopped being a FORCE & became a Service akin to the DHSS! More than 400% up until the mid 90's & even higher now with much more violent crime as well! Crime rate shows tenfold increase in past 40 years - UK - News - The Independent
    And before you leap up & down in the usual handwringing fashion, I do not advocate Police beating people up or fabricating evidence, just Police FIRMLY irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender!!
  14. West Midlands Serious Crime Squad anyone?

    So do I. It's just a very thin line between "the Bobby gave me a clip round the ear and then my Dad a harder one when i got home" and some of the relatively casual brutality dished out at the time...
  15. The Law was Honest during Reagan and Carters reign, if you were naughty you got a kicking, if you looked like any of the following, dodgy, bum bandit, hippy, ginger or a religious nut, you got a good kicking. but they followed modern policing standards with many years of cover ups.

    Other Laws like the European laws are Gay, and retarded.