Has the UK forgotten political activism & how to protest?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radiance, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Libyan crowds drive jihadists from base in revenge for death of U.S. ambassador | Mail Online

    You've got to hand it to them. Grim as Libya is, these people know how to protest.

    Compare it to us; our compliant silence is resounding when...
    1) The government taxes us to death
    2) Fuel prices are soaring (fuel tax + VAT is 200% of the oil cost, people have to choose between food or heating in winter)
    3) Police arbitrarily execute innocent unarmed civilians (Harry Stanley, JCdM, Ian Tomlinson)
    4) There are CCTVs, ANPRs, speed cameras everywhere
    5) Unions hold the taxpayer and customers hostage (TfL being a classic example)
    6) The State grows in its surveillance powers (email/web traffic snooping, anti-terror laws for local councils being abused to check if parents are in the right catchment areas for schools, etc)
    7) More rights and freedoms are taken away (police can now imprison people without trial, we lost the right to keep and bear arms, etc.)
    8) Benefits parasites and scroungers continue to cheat the state of our hard earned money
    9) Soft, revolving door justice system. Sentences not proportionate to the crime.
    10) One law for our masters, one law for us. Corrupt leadership. (e.g. MP expenses are now higher than before, Andrew Mitchell "police pleb" comment vs. Sam Brown "gay police horse" comment)
    11) PC madness. Not offending fatties, Muslims, gays, etc. you name it.
    12) We are getting closer and closer to a turnkey dictatorship

    We are sleepwalking into a turnkey dictatorship, where our masters live an indulgent lifestyle with legal immunity on the backs of the plebs. When the key is turned, it will be too late for us to protest then.
  2. So you think going round settling our disputes with machine-guns would improve matters, do you?
  3. Comparing protests for democracy in the middle east to here us moronic. Honestly other than increased petrol prices and prices on other goods, which is occuring worldwide what is happening that is effecting your life.
  4. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    He's right. Sign me up. It's time to make a stand. I hate turnkeys.
  5. Never said anything about endorsing violent protests. All I am saying is that we don't protest anymore; we just let our political masters do as they please.
  6. Plenty of protests happen, what do you think has been happening this year and the last over budget cuts.
  7. Have you ever visited France (or Quebec)? Their politics is not of this planet. However, they actually convict their corrupt leaders (Chirac was convicted, Sarkozy under investigation). Even in the US, Clinton was impeached by the House and was tried by the Senate (sadly acquitted).

    There is virtually no public control over public policy in this country. Remember all democratic imperatives and social entitlement here were wrestled unwillingly from an aristrocratic elite. If you go back... 101 years, we still didn't have one-man-one-vote (no votes for women for another 17 years) and the House of Lords still had a veto over everything including taxes. We still have hereditaries in the legislative chamber.

    The whole system is****ed and the British are too badly educated to understand what is being done to them and in their name.
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  8. People protest all the time; the rest of the nation writes them off as a bunch of workshy troublemakers and go back to worrying if they themselves will also be classed as disposable before the mortgage is paid off.
  9. Right now? Increased taxes, benefit scroungers, corrupt leadership, no RKBA to defend myself, my loved ones or my home, soft justice system, unions running rampant, PC madness...to name a few.

    Later on - arbitrary police executions (if it happened to JCdM or Tomlinson - it can happen to you), detention without trial and an unchallengeable self-serving leadership, thanks to all the time they have spent consolidating their power base.
  10. You have an absolute right to defend yourself and your family in your home, if you are that wet that you need a firearm to do so then it is your problem.
  11. Arbitrary executions, I think you will find they were police cock ups, not executions of political revolutionarys.
  12. There you go again with your facts and your reality.
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  13. The budget cuts is a divisive issue. I support austerity because it means leaner government, and you can never have too much of that.

    So let's leave that aside for now and focus on topics which have wider public support, such as corrupt MPs, soft justice system for criminals, PC madness, police arbitrarily executing unarmed civilians with impunity and soaring prices/tax/fuel tax.

    Where are the protests there (Mark Duggan case excepted, and those protests were out of order) and political activism to stop these things?
  14. Have you read a particulary blood boiling article in the daily mail today?
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  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    The OP is right. I'm emigrating to Libya.

    That'll show 'em.