Has the time come to pack up and go home?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

  2. Wait until the new govt is here!
  3. I ask where are the 2 men, Bliar and Bush, who left this mess... shurely not in retirement profiting from arms sales and oil company contracts...

    Afghani Scam - too many people are profiting from this for it to be closed down just yet.
  4. Yeah close down Blair's Afghan Adventure, too many have died or been left mangled and tangled while Blair runs around Proffing by the minute.
    25 Million now in his bank account, who says war doesn't pay ?
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Can someone remind me why we are there again? Oh yeah, its making us safer here.

    Like there aren't enough people here fcuked off at our ('infidel') presence in Islamic lands - pretty much the singlemost point of note in Bin Ladens' decleration of war against the U.S.

    We have enough home grown sympathisers to worry about blowing the fcuk out of all and sundry before we even think about policing the multitudes of 'kuffir' haters overseas. We have neither the time, the resolve or the resources to fight this unwinnable war.
  6. This case appears to be a 'message' from Karsi to his(apparent) allies.''We may be corrupt but do not accuse us of it'' The place is a corrupt hellhole and not worth defending by Britain.
  7. Utterly corrupt - that's right. Not like our very own bastions of Virtue the UK and the Mother of all Parliaments:

    MPs flipping homes to avoid tax
    Made up claims for .... just about anything you could imagine, bath plugs to duck houses and all in between
    Ex-PMs raking in £25million in tax free wonga
    Disgraced former MP/Minister now running most govt depts whilst living off EU platinum coated pension
    Cash for peerages
    MP seats for union leaders with deep pockets
    Bernie Ecclestone saga
    Tax-payers funding MP's accountancy fees
    Tax-payers funding MP's defence costs when fighting fraud/theft charges
    MPs being able to juggle up to 3x seats in various Parliaments/assemblies (all with full time salaries
    Peers "living" in homes with no utilities or furniture but still claimng the cash
    PMs destroying evidence of their own dishonesty before leaving office
    Employing filth to manage dirty tricks departments to attack opposition
    Lying and cheating so often it is impossible to distinguish the truth
    Stitching up deals to handover power - then denying it for years
    Fixing constituency boundaries to ensure 3rd largest party still holds power
    Deliberately using immigration policy as a tool to prop up electoral support
    Encouraging banks to gamble recklessly by offering govt bail-out and support in case of disaster
    Handing over constitutional powers
    Mortgaging country's future by massive borrowing and pre-placing deliberate financial time bombs

    Hmmmm...... maybe we shouldn't look too harshly at Kharzai
  8. I can never understand how Brown and Co tell us that our armed forces are defending us from terrorists. Well nearly 10 years later those young local kids who swarmed around the troops, pestering for handouts etc are now tooled up with AK's or certain types of belt kit.
    Unless your're going to to holocaust the place how do the Government think we/they are going to "win"
  9. The idea of "winning" in Afghanistan is ridiculous; has'nt been done since Alexander the Great. And Big Eck had ROE that would have made the Waffen SS blush. :twisted:

    However, if I may be allowed to play Devil's Advocate here, the only reason I can see to keep troops in Afghanistan is that if the Taliban are allowed to regain control of the country, then Pakistan would be their next target. And the Taliban and their fellow travellers in control of a nation with nuclear weapons does'nt bear thinking about... 8O
  10. Can anyone please indicate the correct spelling of Kharzi(as in toilet)?
  11. Did the Islamist's have a peaceful conversion ?
  12. Karzi.
    According to Spike Milligan anyway.
  13. The decision to leave has already been made...that's what NATO SecGen told the foreign ministers of the Alliance last week:

    "Fogh Rasmussen said the 28-nation alliance is on track with its new strategy for winding down the war in Afghanistan next year, despite security setbacks and a continuing shortage of foreign trainers for the fledgling Afghan police and army. "Increasingly this year the momentum will be ours," he said.


    Soon we should hear "mission accomplished" and then it'll be the rush for the door....
  14. I'm fairly certain, large companies such as KBR are contracted to help the military far beyond next year.
  15. I hear a rumour that because it is a NATO (sorry OTAN) mission the executive order of "mission accomplished" must be issued in French first so that some of our allies can be first to the door. The French having already volunteered to secure the route, unlock and check functioning of door prior to the rest transiitting through.