Has The Scum finally disappeared up TCBs arrse?

How far has The Scum disappeared up TCB`s arrse?

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Today's Scum has really gone to town. It looks like the Fat Blokes Bird has retired as editor and been replaced by Alistair Cambell. A sickening three pages on how the TCB and the WMF have been happily married for so long and just renewed their vows, a full page Labour notice and a letters page that could have been written by Goebbels himself!

Please pass me the bucket I want to be ill.

Never more will I make the mistake of buying that piece of toilet paper!

Have fired off suitable e-mails to the Scum and to Richard Littlejohn about this. I also included a bit of a moan about the lack of coverage of the voting mess for servicemen.
the Scum is a reactionary pile of doggiepoo that will quite happily sniff the arrse of whichever party is certain to the win the election.

in this case labour are odds on certainty to win, therefore the Scum sniffs the Dear (may he live a thousand years) Leader's botty.
Well I hope it costs them readers, I've certainly told them where to ram their odious little rag.
Ok - own up to it, who the hell said no!? 8O
The Scum! Thank buddha it never gets this far.
Probably to be found that far up Blurs ******** it's reached Mandelsons boots.
Nothing so far revealed in the press about Iraq caused me to doubt TB's integrity until I saw him claim that he yarked it up the WMF five times a night. The man is obviously a liar because no right thinking, able bodied, red-blooded Briton could even get it up when faced by Cherie with a wide-on. Let alone a fat, balding, over made-up liar with a heart condition, spare tyre, indifferent dress sense and a lack of personal credibility...

Oh, alright I'll come off the fence...what a complete abuse of the freedom of the press!

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