Has the regular element of the corps been warned off ARRSE?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Months ago this forum had a lot of banter going on but now we seem to only have posts about IS Eng/Sups or odd berret shapes (264).

    You've even allowed a Reg baiting thread to be posted without punishment :twisted:
  2. No body has been warned off as far as i know. Wouldnt take any notice if i was to be honest.

    I think the Sigs board has suffered from a lack of decent threads, but looking at some of the other boards, were not alone. It is getting a little boring around here though, we need a good regimental scandle somewhere to liven things up.

    As for the Reg baiting thread, didnt deserve replies. Part timers are shite on ops and they know they are :wink:

  3. :lol: ARRSE back to normal :twisted:

    Having recently been hauled into the office for creating a regimental ARRSE (homage) website, I got the impression something had been said corps wide.
    Also quite suprised/staggered at the number who look in on the site regularly who don't post or register. My experience would indicate for every 1 registered user we have 10+ regular watchers.
  4. You're suffering from a lack of decent blokes you fcuking geeky, billy no mates asswipe.
  5. I think you're right, I know of 2-3 other users in the unit but at least 15 who watch, however it has been made clear that Arrse is read by them upstairs 8O
  6. You should have seen the LCpl who found this out in our unit, I thought he was gonna pee himself. 'Sarge ...... XYZ wants to see us'
    On the plus side I've never had such a positive telling off before
  7. Been busy on the forums I see?

    Baiting the Signals? Hmm, not quite sure how well the army would cope without them..

  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    Sod upstairs, i manage to piss them off enough without them bothering to read Arrse, if they do though, HIYA!
  9. Thats cos you're a civvy who has not got a scooby............tithead
  10. where as you're a cnut who hasn't got a scooby........w*nker
  11. deleted coz I'd had a few
  12. deleted coz I'd had a few
  13. How would you know you civvie twat? ARMY rumour service not civvie wannabee service. Fcuk off and get a subscription to Squaddie Magazine
  14. Oh, maybe because you don't have to be serving to understand that the army would be to some degree f*cked if they didn't have communications and electronic warfare.

    Even a "civvie t**t" can understand that much. Pack up your insecurities and come to terms with the fact that being outside HM forces doesn't exempt you from common sense and being a serving soldier does not automatically bestow on you any more common sense than anyone else.
  15. You fcuking squaddie groupie. Your thoughts and opinions mean the square root of nothing. Get back to the Nelson Mandela bar and discuss the merits of the A2 over that of the A1. The whole problem of today's army is too many civilians in the equation. From kit design to training ( ATRA ).