Has the Python Mine Clearence System ever been used in anger

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tearsbeforebedtime, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Has the Python ever been used operationally?

    I know the Giant Viper has (1991) but that isn't the question.

    There is a pint riding on this so I would be grateful for any assistance.

    Thanks for looking.

    Feel free to swing the lamp if needs be. Sounds a rather 'interesting' (i.e. the thought of malfunction must be interesting) system to work with...
  2. Don't think so.

    Never took any in off of the units in 2003.

    Which is strange because you would have thought that if they weren’t used they would have definitely been in theatre.

    Scratching head!!!

    edited cause I'm still thinking...
  3. Dont think so,

    But would love to see it used for a bit of route clearance in Afghan at the moment :twisted:
  4. Are you arguing about the system as a whole or just the name? The Python is an upgrade of the GV with a new rocket and arrester gear, but the same explosive hose.
  5. Whether the system deployed to TELIC or not?
  6. Hose is already filled with PE. Big fire hose for comparison
  7. Must be a hell of a weight for the rocket to lift. Does the rocket just pull the hose off the reel or is the reel power assisted?
  8. hose is not on a reel, its coiled in a box, and dragged by the rocket
  9. Got it, saw some footage of the US version that showed that. Thanks.
  10. About 1.5 tons IIRC
  11. Yes, must be an impressive sight. The video clips look impressive but imagine being near the bugger!

    This seems to be much the same thing operated by the US, still in service apparently.

  12. Pedantic head on :D

    It is filled PE6/Aluminium.

    The aluminium gives it added blast and the PE6 is very pliable through a range of temperatures.

    Pedantic head off :D

    Edited to add

    The Polish Army and the JNA had an assault river crossing version. The boat lid is pulled up through 30 degrees and a rocket is fitted inside which when ignited sends the boat off via a blast deflector plate.

    The charge line is pulled out of the inside of the boat (from the back) and when it reached the other side either detonates automatically or was Command Detonated. NEQ was around 500 kg so 5kg/metre. And the hose was filled with Semtex.

    I will see if I can get some photos of the beasty and post them here next week!
  13. Yes its predecessor was used in WW2. Not very successfully I may add. The trouble we had with the original was that it "Snaked" so the clear route across would mean running in a circuitous route. Not recommended under fire! Somewhere in my house, I have a photo of our Field Coy officers trying to get the damned thing to fire straight. Do the modern REs still use the Kapok floats for assault crossings by the way?
  14. Can you post the photos - I'd be very interested.

    And YES - I do need to get out more :D