Has the press backlash started

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_n_fat, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. The last act to control the press was in 1685, the Licensing of the Press Act, 1 Jac. II. c. 17, § 15. That act had a 7 year life span and it lapsed in 1692. The House of Commons refused in 1695 to repeat the act and that was that, pretty much. I'd say that the MP's of the late 17th Century, the era that saw an Act making repeated prosecutions for the same offence illegal, were intellectual giants in comparison to the stunted, diseased pygmies they call MP's now.
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  2. Hmmmm, I always thought Cleggie did protest too much.

    Who'd have thought he'd have a cupboard full of £12 millions worth of rattling bones?
  3. I think that ANY form of control, backed by legislation, however well intentioned will descend into censorship.

    As I understand it, the Milly Dowler investigation wasn't hampered by the hacking, indeed the main complainants were people who rely on being in the public eye. I was suprised there hasn't been a class action by the Z-listers because they weren't hacked and put on the front page.
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  4. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    The press backlash started a little while back with things like the Jimmy Savile saga. Its like watching a high stakes game of poker with Murdoch now being rather nasty and the BBC being a little crap and ill-informed. The BBC were set up, and failed spectacularly. A certain Mr Cable understood this a little while back, but no one listened. If Vince had been given ROE to take on Murdoch then there may have been a different outcome, but certainly not the cowed and embarrassed silence from Cameron.

    Some of it has yet to come out. I wonder if Coulson is going to take a prison sentence for the team or is he going to squeal?

    Of course Mrs Brooks is going to be very horrible indeed, and will no doubt know what each member of the jury had for breakfast, and what the judge's weakness is, even if its for something innocent like port.
  5. i think that this story, although totally relevant for obvious reasons is also pertinent to the backlash reference in the OP. it does indicate that the press are going to attempt to find and use suitably damning stories. which in turn will give the currently pro-Leveson followers an example of 'if they gag us you won't hear stories such as these'

    MPs in new expenses 'fiddle'
  6. This story by this newspaper, is exactly the sort of response you would expect by Bullies. Having trawled the rubbish bins to provide us with our daily fair. They fail to understand just what was wrong with doing what they have done to so many people in the name of a good story.

    This current lot won't do owt about the press, coz call me Dave is still stupid enough to think that they will support what ever lunatic policy he dreams up next. Moreover they may even support the glorious 4th Reich, if only he could spell the word.

    Moreover the Papers are to bovine to realise that there are some politics who haven't taken the press shilling and might just give us the press we deserve.
  7. If the Ginger Ming goes down, wanna bet we might yet get to find out what was so sordid about her and Call me Dave's emails? any betting on a fine or a suss sentence?
  8. i expect over the coming weeks a constant stream of 'revelations' to be drip fed to the readership of all and sundry. but i bet a large amount, that the murdoch-press will have the most sordid selection
  9. The media witch hunt of the Lib Dems appears to have started with a vengeance.
  10. Good, the limp dems are a bunch of odious little shites who sold out everyone of their principles fir a sniff at the trough of government. Hopefully, it will be equally long before they get another snout in.
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  11. God I must be mellowing, agree with everything you say Sunno-oldbean.
    Funnily enough at our village bonfire this year, i was I/C guy Fawkes replica and its was a toss up between Call me Dave for the 3rd year running or Gloggs. Gloggs won, went up nicely.
  12. I actually quite enjoy the spectacle of the press and politicians going at each other. It's like watching a fight to the death between leeches and tapeworm - whichever way it goes, you know one bunch of parasites will get the good news.
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  13. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    As carrots says 'one bunch of parasite will get the good news.' However watching the spectacle will not get us the press we want I find it odious that after all his high sounded righteous fury over the Press the PM rolled over like a kitten when Leveson was unvieled. It's not as if it's stating that journo's who break the law should be beaten with sticks with nails through them (my own favoured method of punishment for journalists who break the LAW), it's only wanting legal backing for the independant body regulating the press.

    However I am sure that eventually the great mass of the population will forget if enough stories about the latest "I'm a Celebrity.." or "Simon Cowell fears for X Factor/Britian's got Talent..." and pictures of cute puppies are published.
  14. What an inane jumble of bollocks.

    The fact that Shami Chakrabati thinks that legal restraint is wrong seems to have passed you by? It's got nothing to do with politicians and it's a dangerous step to limit the press with legal oversight. They are already beholden to the law of libel and other restraints. A free press is one of the founding tenets of democracy. There should be regulation, clearly. Some of the actions of the gutter press are contemptible but they are being addressed through criminal prosecution.

    CMD is correct. I respect the fact that he's doing the right thing, not what whiny Scottish doctors or nasally blocked Wallace and Grommit lookalikes are saying to grab sympathy/votes.
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