Has the Oz Government gone mad! Why do we want him

Feck me,

Let me get this right. 200+ years ago, we send out thousands of crims and stick them in Oz. Now they send them back, plus neighbours. Cnuts.
No they haven't gone mad. They got clever and got him the fcuk out of their country. Well done them. we should be doing more of that I'm sure we could think of somewhere to send them. Like out of that film with Ray Liotta. No Escape??
Time to get my cheque book out again, once we bend over and let one in, we will become a dumping ground for anyone who can be found to have UK DNA somewhere about them. Personally I would provide a welcoming party of mothers on their arrival, just to say Hello you understand.
And people laugh when i say give me a gun , alot of ammo, and immunity from prosecution and i will sort out most of this country!
Unfortunately for the UK, this ........ never acquired Australian citizenship , so he gets the first fleet treatment ( put him on one of your old warships just before it becomes the latest dive site)
Scally said:
Has the Oz Government gone mad! Why do we want him
Target Practice???? :D

Oh right-o you down under don't like guns...how about??? nope you don't like knives...guess you can cuddle him to death 8O
Get your facts before you accuse us. The gun issue was because of a crazy Tasmanian, which all Aussies will agree are their own kind of crazy.

Then the government did the stupid thing of spending loads of dosh taking the big gats of the licensed firearm owners, who have a fantastic record in Oz. Instead, they didn't tackle the real problem which was the unlicensed owners and over $200000 of illegal weaponry made it into the country.

Those are the twats that we need to worry about. Us responsible shooters are the majority. Just victims of a few knobs.

This thread has reminded me about a similar situation.

An old girlfriend is a psychiatric nurse who was working in Hong Kong in the 95 with the Vietnamese boat people.

At the height of the Vietnamese boat influx for ‘refugee status’ they arrived knowing where they wanted to go. Most has a wish list for Canada, Auz, N.Z. Holland, U.S.A. Good old Blighty was well down on their list as it was not as welcoming. All they needed to do was get to Honkers and then they had a chance.

Well what about the loons who got there. Quite a few as it happens. Well many did not have a clue on what day it was let alone where they wanted to move onto.

So guess where many ended up?

One case had me in stitches. The bloke had both teeth stained a lovely black with betel nut , ringworm , foot and mouth and god knows what else but turns out he was actually ‘Queen Victoria’. Wanted to ‘go back home to the castle’.

So UK PLC paid for him, plus the ex –bird (His/Her retainer or maid you know?)
To fly first class to UK for treatment in a UK hospital. Doing not a great deal for his mental health and not a lot of good for our health service.

Another bloke thought he was a dolphin and would only eat tinned fish. He ended up as a taxi driver in London.

Why is it you only hear about this type of situation happening to the UK.

If the Ozzys can do it why can't we to that Hook handed, hatred spewing , tw*t of a so called cleric we got banged up now.
This is not the first one. Over the past few years a number of undesirables who never bothered to seek Australian Citizenship were repatriated back to Blighty even though they had resided in Aus for most of their lives. This is only going to increase.

Not only that but I understand that the Commonwealth of Australia does not have to cover the cost of the repatriation and that the cost is borne by the scum-bag, or if in default by Britian. It just gets better and better.

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