Has the NHS let you down?

If you have returned from combat suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and been let down by NHS mental health services, we want to hear from you.

Following the publication of the Commons Defence Select Committee report into NHS mental health services for ex-servicemen, the Daily Express wants to talk to you about your experience of the system.

Have you joined long treatment waiting lists? Has your doctor sent you for inappropriate treatment? Have you been forced to join civilian support groups where no one can relate to what you've been through?

Or, perhaps you're pleased with the treatment you've received?

Either way, if you have a story to tell, get in touch.

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Now go and play elsewhere Rachel, theres a nice young journalist. Unless your willing to post a pic in the gallery of you with your breasts out :?

Post Tabloid Stress Disorder more like :x

The Daily Express posting on Arrse? ffs whatever next, calling HM The Queen Liz?


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Surely your newspaper is far too busy printing conspiracy theories about the deaths of a rich woman and her boyfriend to bother about service people.

If you did bother, you'd know they're not allowed to talk to you!
I'll talk!!! For the price of a fish and chip dinner at the Monte Carlo Casino, A free nights entertainment at said venue and a tumble in the hay with Heidi Klum.

Otherwise, clear this with Arrse Admin or Rod off my dear.

And believe me that was polite.
Apart from everyone being correct (even the one about posting a pic in the gallery) about not being allowed to speak to the press unless your a fat chain smoking Navy hoofer or a spineless Navy cry baby, have you approached the site admin about plying your trade on here?
Steady on, lads. I'll have you know the Daily Express has a long history of supporting the mentally impaired.

They've been giving Fayed publicity for years.
Steady on chaps and chapeses, Ms Porter operates from a femme interest focus and all "tabliodism's" aside for a moment, at least is expressing more interest in the subject matter than our recent Governments have ever cared to.

I'd therefore suggest that you do indeed clear this and any future request first with Arrse Admin (it is the way you know) and seek advice with Combat Stress, who will be better placed to inform you on this senstive matter.
Oh, God. The Express has finaly found me. I admit it, I ordered her death. I paid the French jurnos 150euro's each to smash the car in to the bridge support.
and you still owe me 75 euro mon amie, you said 75 urp front and 75 when le job was done! I hate you Engleeesh with your filthy rost beef!
Filbert Fox said:
and you still owe me 75 euro mon amie, you said 75 up front and 75 when le job was done! I hate you Engleeesh with your filthy rost beef!
Steady on FF or else Rachel will think we are all mental!! :wink:
Rachel I am sure if you look long and hard into many of the threads on here, you will soon realise that until the Mod accept there are problems Nothing with ever change, they don't so NOTHING will change"!

If on the other hand you write to the Mod, as well as D Twigg Dr Iam Palmer at MAP (St Thomas's - London), you will get their tilt on all the good works they are doing by policy, however, in pracice it don't happen.

Contact Combat Stress, they are always very helpful with answers.

It's not the doctors fault, as the Mod keep the NHS and GP like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on hos muck!
Filbert Fox said:
and you still owe me 75 euro mon amie, you said 75 urp front and 75 when le job was done! I hate you Engleeesh with your filthy rost beef!
I apologise Fox, but you let the security guard live so you only get half pay. No stop bothering me or you will find your car being chased by a pack of Dominos delivery boys on scooters next time you approach a motorway tunnel.
I suppose in her favour she has been honest about who she is, and hasnt come on with a name like "stressed out" with an opening line of:

"I feel like I've been really let down by the MOD and the NHS, anyone else with PTSD have a similar story?"

Plenty of those little gems on here.
Yes Filbert, but that's like saying that Mr Hitler was really kind to animals. In her favour, she's open about being a journo. Against her, she works for the Express.

I say we light the torches, form an orderly mob and march on Fleet Street to burn the witch.

With her baps out, obviously.
Filbert Fox said:
Themanwho said:
With her baps out, obviously.
count me in!
And IF she did, would you then assist her in what she is asking?

Perhaps, just perhaps she is trying to get some facts together for what is for the many a very real issue!

If ALL the media took it upon themselves to force the issue and find out why so many have killed themselves since the Falklands and what that could imply for those in the wars we fight today?

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