Has the new look killed the old ways?

Could just be me, and could also have something to do with the fact I was away during the transition from old arrse to new look arrse.

But has the change altered the way people use the site?

Chat seems to be dead for longer and longer periods, the new layout of latest topics is bland and dull, and it still takes just as long if not longer, to get a page to load.

Call me a clerk if you like, but i liked the old version much more.

Discuss........(and i dont mean the heavy flat thing you throw)
Doesn't seem to bad to me its just like the new OS thing for your PC just takes time to get used to thats all. If you look all the slagging and pervines is still there
ARRSE goes through doldrums and we seem to be in one. The site changes seemed to scare people off for a while (or perhaps they just gave up because posting didn't work), but all seems to be working well now.

The quietness probably seems more acute because of Big Brother and Wimbledon - I have lost all rights to TV, so my entertainment is largely down to a 15" screen and I NEED humour and interaction. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be around as much as usual.

Perhaps a lot of ARRSErs are surreptitious BB fans?

Must wash my mouth out with Domestos for even thinking such a thing!

Edit: Typical! It's gone bloody slow again!

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