Has The Master Driver gone mad

Discussion in 'RLC' started by tigerduck, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Today i sent one of my guys of the MT to get a vehicle so i could move some stuff to the scrap compound.
    He had his 1000 filled out and his FMT was in date so i thought 20 mins max he would be back with vehicle. How wrong i was. 5 minuets later he returns, ohh i thought that was quick might be able to get this all sort before lunch and have a easyier afternoon, wrong again!
    The Master Driver was doing a Pre LSI on the MT department and apparantly, now we have to request any transport in writing with a letter as well as a 1000. I checked the callender, no its not April 1st. I had to confirm this with the details NCO and hear it with my own ears,
    me "so you want me to write a letter to ask permission to use a vehicle?"
    Detail NCO "yes it is new policy"
    me " Has the master driver got 2 pencils up his noes and is he saying wibble alot"
    Detail NCO "No"
    me "your ******* kidding arnt you"
    detail NCO "no thats what you have to do if you want a vehicle"
    me "So if the Commanding Office wants to deploy his MT Platoon on exercise he will have to write a letter to the MTWO and ask his permission to use his vehicles"
    detail NCO " Yes, no letter no detail"
    me "slams phine down"

    someone in the RLC must know where this written? this can not be true surely we have not become this ****?
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  2. HAAAAA I bet you are based in SE England!
  3. sounds about right to be fair. everything in writting in triplicape and 12 months in advance with a note for your mum excusing you from PT because you've got a tummy flu.

    Whole army grinds to a halt once again because of red tape and **** nonsence.
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  4. Just wait until you need to write a letter to demand the form to enable you to put in a request for a chitty to enable you to use a vehicle.

    Each one in a different ink colour of course..
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  5. no im in germany and only a year left till my 22. thank god. soon this will all just be a bad dream :)
  6. Tell him to f'off; hands up who's in charge at your place; think you'll find it's your CO.
  7. Have a word with the MTO/OC HQ Sqn or whoever is the grown up in charge of the MT.

    It would make sense for demanding a hire car or something like that but not for internal details.
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  8. Tigerduck, When or IF you ever get the vehicle give it a thorough inspection. Check every minute detail, Fire extinguisher, Haz warning triangle, First aid kit, all bulbs working. etc etc. If there are any defects ask him what sort of an operation he presides over.

    ask him how long he served at Dheollally Tansit camp.
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  9. Signals MTs have been doing this for ages. No justification for a vehicle, no vehicle. Even though the transport request has to be signed off by an SNCO, that's not considered justification enough apparently.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well would you trust an RLC SNCO - they have Stacker1, remember, as an example! :)
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  11. 'Dear Jim,

    Please can you fix it for me to drive a big army truck'

    No, you've not wrote a letter to the MTWO asking for permission, so piss off and walk
  12. Glad it's not just my unit (Germany as well.) being mongs. ;-)
  13. Get the LAD to VOR all the vehicles and then tell the master driverto FKOFF he's got no vehicles to worry about, once he's gone unVOR.
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  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This isn't just an RLC issue, it's Army-wide - although obviously the RLC control policy that other unit MT departments must accept.

    The amount of red tape and hoop-jumping that now has to be undertaken to actually get behind the wheel and undertake a simple journey is ridiculous, and is - in my humble opinion - an example of WORST practice, where every other department is striving for BEST practice. I absolutely understand that road safety, etc, are big factors, but the levels of documentation, bureaucracy, etc, have elevated to a level so restrictive that a units (talking Regimental level here) performance is degraded because of the restrictions imposed by the MT.

    In an AAC unit, it is far, far FAR easier to sign out a helicopter and go flying, than it is to sign out a Landrover and drive 5 miles down the road. The current policy situation is ridiculous.
  15. We Sappers have been doing it for ages. Some form of backing paperwork is required with your 1000 i.e. Admin Instruction, Joining Instructions etc, failing that an email from higher up in the driver's CoC. Even for Green fleet. This all stemmed from an ECI inspection apparently.