Has the internet stunted our children's development?

I was driving home this evening minding my own business. I pulls up outside my place and stop the car to open the gate so I can drive in.
There - in my headlight beam - was what appeared to be a crumpled and coverless jazz mag!

It wasn't. BUT it did get me thinking. Many of us in here grew up in the days of real paper porn - glossy and fragile and difficult to obtain for most 10 year olds. Finding a discarded stash of old grumble by the path on your way home from school was better than being on Crackerjack and getting a Blue Peter badge at the same time! Your mates would trade favours, pay, swap their tattered grot for yours.

Have we denied our young ones a vital part of growing up? Have we taken something from that childhood? Porn is of a far higher quality and unlimited on t'internet. There is not the magic of coverless Clubs or tattered Whitehouse. Is there anything else that modern technology will erase from the thoughts of the future? Have we gone too far already!?! :cry:
And the best place to stash it was up in the tree house.

The treehouse must have seen a bleak period of under-utilisation prior to the invention of the laptop :D
A drainage channel in a nearby 6 foot wall was home to our black and white periodical called "Climax" which was the precursor to "Colour Climax"! 70s bushfires galore!

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