Has the Int Corps forum gone downhill?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. A senior officer lurker recently told me that he thinks the Int Corps forum on Arrse is of very little interest nowadays...

    I had to agree. Quite frankly, I can't imagine why any lurker would bother any more. The monotony is only broken by the Adastra being threatened with lynching, and G2LB calling everyone a cunt.

    I can remember *swings lamp* when we used to have occasional interesting debates, thought-provoking questions and good old slagging off the underground D&D fans. (not to mention the occasional windup)

    What happened to all those arguments about transferees, non-Int Corps G2 staff officers vs the real deal, DE vs LE officers... not to mention answerphone messages, Biscuit Recognition and BDA (Biscuit Damage Assessment) and reminiscing about Ashford, Block 6A, and that tubby guard with the wobbly eye?

    And what about those threads by darksiders whingeing about... oh hang on, they're still there ;)

    Is it just us? Or is nostalgia not what it used to be? :roll:

    Ah well. Maybe it's time to revive the Archaeology thread...
  2. Hopefully if i end up being employed in the line of work i want to, you will see many nonsensical questions and possibly interesting tomfoolery from myself.

    Biscuit Damage Assesment? Is there a workflow pdf on this one?
  3. Rather sadly CR I think you might be right. Saying that being a member of "civ div" now I can't really inject any new and topical threads into this forum.....thats my excuse anyway. I did actually wonder if the launch of ICAREC had some effect but I have noticed that there are even less input on that !!!! There again perhaps there has been a new "underground" version started somewhere else and you don't know about it ?
  4. Glad to see you did not post this during office hours CR.
  5. It has gone donwhill because for every member who actually contributes there are about 10 people in Bn HQs closely monitoring and logging everything that is said in a bid to uncover identities. Well that is how it is in 3 and 5 Bn.

    It is not really the atmosphere that wil encourage the cut and thrust of the debating chamber is it?
  6. As an "outsider" and one of the Arrse first 1,000 I have to say that two factors seem to be at play here.

    NTTT like-role The lack of current participation by a figure from the Directorate or the Bde, where there are several lurkers, sends a message that there is no longer tacit approval from the CoC, for the type of debate that one used to find here.

    Posting during work hours The message has been clear enough.

    Some of those still serving, Gladys and I had discussed the G1value of people being able to let off steam ( semi responsibly) in a relatively safe environment.

    It also provides a platform to provide advice and even help, to those who might not always be able to get hold of it when they need it. On my A3, the last Corps Sec (as a young SSGT) taught us that good man management is the best form of personnel security you can get.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think the same could be said about the whole of Arrse. I suspect that a number of factors have had a 'chilling' effect on the quality of what gets posted, amongst which has been the DIN - which breaches our Human Rights Act article 10 rights - the operational tempo and the fact that Arrse is no longer a novelty. Having said that, the quality of Arrse is to a large extent dependent on what is happening in the big, bad world outside: if something new, interesting and exciting happens, it gets talked about.
  8. I'd agree with both sub and cpunk - there is more than a whiff of the cold dead hand of surveillance around. Now, I don't care very much whether or not I upset MoD - I suspect my BAFF involvement has dropped me off their Christmas cards list a while back, certainly among the civil service element of the Ministry - so if anyone has anything they want discussing by proxy, they should feel free to PM me and I'll raise it. Source protection is my middle name. Actually, it's not, my middle name is something else, but you knwo what I mean.

    Could I use these means to encourage the Directorate to re-engage with the peons in the cold and distant corners of the kirk in the same way NTTT did, i.e. via this forum? I thought it was very useful indeed, for all participants in the conversations.
  9. Maybe some of the older, more experienced posters can't be arrsed anymore; when they often receive empty- headed abusive replies from some the younger generation! :(
  10. Contrasting this forum's content with that of the more alive and boisterous other arm/services, paranoia certainly seems to inhibit much of the discourse. CR's **** overseer didn't help, either.
    I'm sure the paranoia's both unjustified and cowardly, not to mention being indicative of laziness. This sort of forum isn't going away, and if there are security concerns then the powers are just going to have to learn how to deal with them. You can't unwrite a book.
  11. Someone could always start an unofficial newsletter.......

    Pass my Navy snorkell jacket over will you WB

    My black taxi is outside
  12. Instead of getting involved and grasping the nettle senior lurkers expend all their time trying to manage what is said.

    Not healthy.
  13. A snide book!

    Pass my green maggot and carpet slippers, Moriarty
  14. I sincerely hope that the situation which gave birth to the graphic below isn't in rebirth. Now that was unhealthy (but it gave many of us a better set of colours than the 'leadership' at the time and place was capable of flying). To the 'leadership': Don't do it. Everyone loses.

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  15. I blame Adastra.