Has the coup begun?

Has anyone else noticed the number of heli's flying around London today?

Counted one chinnock buzzing Canary Wharf for oh, 30 mins and two (yes counted them) two EH-101 buzzing the Nat West Tower and Lloyds around 3.30pm (15.30 to those still in).

So WFT, Bliar finally given up all pretense of democracy and named himself El Presidente for Life?
Fingers crossed PoD has seen the light and is doing the opposite. But seriously, give me a rifle, place me next to some new Labour apparatchik giving me orders to clean the country up and I think I might go along with it. Just not in the way they intended.

Disclaimer: The writer of this comment might not be entirely serious, it should not be taken as evidence of a military coup conspiracy. Although we went to war on flimsier evidence ...
I noticed that........................but apparently Fleet Street was cordoned off this morning owing to a bomb threat so don't think it's coup time this week - maybe next 8)
So that's what it was. Have had police cars screaming past my office all day and a bunch of loons shouting out some form of political slogan as well as the helicopters. Pity, a coup would have been better.
In sleepy Kent all I saw was some loon with a "Kick Blair Out" placard by a roundabout. He was shouting as the cars drove by with bemused onlookers. He must be the new chosen Gauleiter of Kent.

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