Has the Civil Service now lost any Sense of Responsibilty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hootch, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Yeah - Do what you want, just don't get caught

  2. Maybe - Chance to do something to the house before getting your job back

  3. No - Standards in Public Life must be upheld

  1. I am I the only one worried by this development?

    Have we lost all sense of responsibility and integrity in Public Life?

    This grips me. Mr Gray resigned over his incompetence as a Senior Civil Servant to enforce the Data Protection Act. Yet here he is, invited back by the old boy net, before the investigation into his incompetence has even concluded ?????

    This man was responsible for the loss of 25 million personal records (including mine)!!!!

    Let’s not even start on the conduct of Sir Ian Blair.

    So have we lost all sense of right and wrong at the senior levels of our society?

    Imagine a police officer accused of corruption, only to go and work for another police force or a surgeon accused of malpractice working in a different hospital.

    Remember George Orwell (ironically a member of the Labour Party), Animal Farm 1945

    “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”


    Government job for data disc boss

    Mr Gray was praised for resigning "as a matter of honour"
    Paul Gray, who quit as HM Revenue and Customs boss over lost data discs, is back working for the government.
    He was praised for resigning with "honour" when discs holding the child benefit database were lost in the post.

    Channel 4 News reported that he had begun a short-term Cabinet Office post and is still paid more than £200,000.

    But a government spokesman said Mr Gray's period of notice meant he would continue to be paid until 31 December whether he was working or not.

    "In the meantime he has agreed to a request from Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell to undertake a short piece of work on cross-government matters until Christmas," the Cabinet Office spokesman said.

    'No additional cost'

    He added the period of notice meant "he could receive payment for no work or receive payment for doing some work.

    "It was thought to be better in the public interest that he did some work. There is no additional cost to the public purse. He will leave the payroll on December 31."

    HM Revenue and Customs sent two discs containing the entire child benefit database, unregistered and unencrypted, to the National Audit Office by courier in October - but they did not arrive.

    The government has apologised and said there was no evidence the discs had fallen into the wrong hands.

    But millions of families have been told to be on alert for fraudsters using their details, stored on the discs, which include bank details, National Insurance numbers and children's names, addresses and dates of birth.

    Last week Chancellor Alistair Darling said an interim report into what had gone wrong was due within three weeks - and pledged to report its findings to MPs.

    Police are still looking for the discs.
  2. Not a true reflection on the majority of CS.
  3. At least he had the decency to resign, unlike that c*nt "Eyebrows" Darling
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Mixed feeling about this. One correction here.

    He did the reasonable thing and resigned as he was corporate head of the organisation that has screwed up, not because of his own incompetence. The organisation in question has been an institutional fcuk up for years - not necessarily his fault - and I hope that the investigation is blunt enough to say so.

    I only wish politicians had the balls and integrity to do as he did. :evil:

    Perhaps that's why he has been invited back into the fold - he exhibits a trait that they don't but value highly....
  5. Well if we are paying him somewhere in the region of £40k for two months work at least he can be of some use, having said that I'd have the fcuker sweeping the street with a sign around his neck until his notice ran out, got to be better than paying him to sit on his arrse at home watching Jermey Kyle.
  6. Err ... Military History ?

    Anyway, he is said to be continuing his employment due to 'contractual issues'. There are none if you resign and they want shot of you.

    However, if you want to maximise your CS pension you need to have at least 12mths working at your highest salary to maximise your final gratuity & pension.

    So - appointed Chairman 26 Feb 2007, work 'til end Jan and take leave accrued - bingo

    Merely speculation on my part, of course.
  7. I think that you are right Hootch, this has been going on for years and is nothing new. I doubt it is new to the Liarbour administration but one I remember the Peter Mandelson thing a few years ago- had to resign over a matter of integrity but had a new position a short time later.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A few facts would seem to be in order here. Mr Gray resigned from his post. He did NOT resign from the Civil Service. He is, therefore, still being paid, and it seems sensible to use his 'skills' in order to get something for the money he is being paid, rather than have him sit at home on gardening leave (BTW, there are around 2,000 MoD Civil Servants on gardening leave - sorry, in the 'redeployment pool' - at the moment, and liable to be a great deal more in the next couple of years).

    If he had been sacked for some reason it would be different, but he wasn't, and I think that it would have been very hard indeed to do so - how would wrongdoing be proved to be his fault/responsibility?

    It's pretty similar to the Army really. People aren't 'sacked' from the Army for incompetence (well, not that I know of). If someone is useless, or if their Unit fecks up, they are 'sacked' from their position, and sent somewhere else. This is exactly the same situation.
  9. My point being not one particularly aimed at the CS but rather one aimed at public figures.

    I dispair at the behavoiur of Wendy Alexander - what will it take for her to resign?
  10. MDN publishing the video of their late night tryst - culminating in an Early Day Motion