Has the BBC gone mad?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. From The Scum:

    I find it unbelievable that the BBC is paying this piece of sh1t to appear in this documentary. He is a convicted criminal who makes zero contribution to society and yet they are users 'taxpayers money' (it is a tax afterall) to pay him.

    It was bad enough that Tony Martin went to jail after being let down by the police and the courts and now this!

    Also on the BBC:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/norfolk/4316585.stm
  2. Yes they have, they are so afraid of the Government following Hutton that they've lost the plot completely.

    Personally never been convinced that shooting someone counts as reasonable force though :twisted:
  3. I'm all for paying the hard done by traveller folk as long as in the reenactment
    they replace tony martin with a tiger(':twisted:')
    ( there always doing wildlife documentarys they must have one on there books would probably like a change in diet)
  4. I am in my 70s. I live alone in a detached house in a remote area. I have a dodgy hip that limits mobility. My house is entered by two young diddy-cois. I am upstairs alonmgside the gun cabinet. Can you suggest what Romany words I might use to get the bstards out of my house?
  5. How about "Eat lead sucker, boy" :twisted:
  6. Or "I'll pop a cap in your ass"
  7. I don't think he should have got locked up for it :eek: Just that it may not have been reasonable, necessary maybe, funny for sure :lol: Have they still got a contract out on him?
  8. It's an outrage

    People are still using The Scum as a 'News' reference on this forum :evil:
  9. Absolutely PTP.....read something with substance and not that shiit :roll:
  10. People are getting sick of all the torygraph links
  11. Blair's bezzer has spoken. Best we all do as we're told, or we'll end up under house arrest! :lol:
  12. Blimey PTP - first you decide what does and doesn't appear in this forum (censorship) and now you're dictating what newspapers people can read...

    ...hang on, I'll just read that again...

    ...No! You're right - The Scum isn't a newspaper - it's an anti-soldier hate filled rag, full of the poisonous bile produced by a filthy catamite whose deepest joy is to be rogered by a disgustingly fat and very bad walt/actor.

    Apologies PTP - I should think - then type! :D :D :D

    Meanwhile, back on thread:

    Yep, the BBC are a bunch of to$$ers alright. Next!!!
  13. Seams he was paid to "ballence" the program as he was the only witness to the crime 8O How the hell do you get a "ballenced "view from a lieing thieving scum bag.... The only crime of Tony Martin is that he didn't reload fast enough :evil:
  14. The BBC is is pretty obviously breaching the Press Complaints Commission's Code of Practice.


    The Code of Practice makes clear that payments to criminals and their associates for stories and information must not be made – either directly or indirectly – unless the material ought to be published in the public interest, and payment is necessary for this to be done.


    .........the key tests it applies in deciding whether or not a payment breaches the Code. There are four of them. (1) Did the article contain any information of public interest? (2) Was any new information made available to the public as a result? (3) If so, was payment necessary? (4) Was there any profit or direct financial benefit involved?

    That settles it for me. Public interest my arrse. Tabloid TV more like.