Has something changed?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Skinn_Full, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Just refreshed my screen whilst on the ARRSE website and its all changed!? Either my comp is fooked or there has been a very slick transition from the old green theme/design has been replaced by a very professional/ shiny looking blue scheme. Enlighten me!
  2. Yes, it looks like it has been changed.

    It now looks rather smart and professional!
  3. Wheres Mr spud head gone?
  4. ARRSE crashed earlier & I think that BCO is working on it.
  5. I still have the "old" dark green and spud is just loading slowly. He is still behind the arrse tie stripes on my screen.
  6. I think it might be something to how your preferences are done, if you have fisubsilversh selected, it brings it back to the main green, with mr spud on the banner
  7. What? No sexy 'New ARRSE' strapline to go with the new design?

    ARRSE: It is. Are you?

    But seriously, it looks good. Bearing in mind, however, ARRSE is the British Army's unofficial centre of military and civil current affairs, news, discussion, humour, jobs, photos and bullshit, is it right to use the official British Army badge in the logo (Crown Copyright issues notwithstanding)?
  8. Yeah, i thought this too, it does make it look a bit more official. Perhaps they could stick a fag in the lions gob and have him balancing a pint on his head instead of a crown, al a Mr. Potatoe Head. It might be a truer reflection of ARRSE....maybe.....
  9. Prefer the old one!
  10. you have a choice of 4 designs for the web site , just goto your menu's of you account then your prefernces i think, and you can change it to what you desire
  11. Yep, I swamped me boxers 3 days ago, and just got around to changing them :D