Has Shreks Fiona got a nice pair

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BernardMcCabe, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Just got back from watching Shrek 3, which was good fun. Any old hoo while watching I suddenly got to wondering what Fiona's baps would look like when angry. For some reason I superimposed a more realistic version of Jordons inflated pair onto her and suddenly I had wood! Am I a sickie who gets weird erections from cartoon characters! Just hope I can resist from calling out Fiona when I'm bumping uglys tonight!
  2. im glad im not the only one. I get an erection for marge every time i watch the simpsons :oops:

  3. Oh dear
  4. I prefer ugly betty! bet she scrubs up well
  5. Chaps, I worry about you sometimes ..............
  6. powerpuff girls..........
  7. Are we debating the human Fioan or the ogre Fiona?
  8. or that woman smurf
  9. I've shagged a few Smurf's in my time. I'm not proud of it.
  10. reminds of the old 'blowing a smurf' rib that naturally was directed at anyone who'd just munched a blue lollipop...
  11. To most squaddies does it really matter :wink:

    obviously depends at 1900hrs maybe the princess but by 0150 and beer goggles who cares.
  12. ok, so here are the options so far - contrast and compare:

    Mrs M Simpson


    Princess Fiona

    Mrs J Rabbit

    Mrs W Flintstone & Mrs B Rubble

    Ms B Boop

    personally, I've always quite fancied this little minx....
  13. Will be back in five............mmmmmmmmmmm I need a p*ss honest.
  14. i'll take them all :)
  15. what was the young jetson bird called? judy was it?

    also Daphne of scooby doo fame and the mum bird from the incredibles.