Has residual service made the Warrant Officer weak?

Residual Service

A soldier can no longer be promoted in their last two years of service - fact.

Does this mean they are avoiding tours, exercises, failing to deliver the required standard of education and enforcement of the standards within the Sergeants' Mess; because all they are interested in is going home at lunchtime on a Friday (weekend functions in most Messes are a thing of past because of the over 37 package); and looking after themselves.

Are we getting value for money?

Should we stop promoting people on their last look and reach through to those with legs to promote again?

Let battle commence.
My last two bosses have ben on residual service and continuation and I've found quite the opposite. They actually don't care about their careers and go balls out to provide top cover for the boys.

As for knocking off earlier who in their right mind buggers off home early if they get the chance????
strima said:
As for knocking off earlier who in their right mind buggers off home early if they get the chance????
Privates, LCpls, Cpls at a push SNCOs, certainly not warrant officers!

Residual service has a hugely detrimental effect on the output of the WOs and Sgts mess, and although tempered by the individual, people will inevitably slow down when they get to the end of their career. Human beings are motivated by incentives and in the military the incentive of promotion is huge. When you take away that motivating factor the only thing left is a sense of professional pride which naturally varies from man to man (although professional pride doesn't affect the value of your final pension!) The management of Soldiers in residual service is a significant issue that has hither to now not been addressed. The hierarchy assume that someone will work until the last minute, flat out, which is simply not the case as everyone knows when you de-kit the Army forgets about you.

What is also a factor is the largely iniquitous way in which different SNCOs and WOs get treated: some (particularly BFG based) are allowed to be added as supernumerary to a Regt near to where they will resettle and allowed obligation free gardening leave for their last six months whilst others are worked like cart horses right until the end.

I would agree that a WO in a RSM / SSM position (who is not actively seeking a commission) in residual service will have the balls to reign people in, however, the large majority of Soldiers see out their 22 in SQMS / Tp SSgt appointments and so forth, this means a lack of focus which can have a severe effect on their Unit and the management of soldiers in their charge!
I've had 2 WO1's as troop commanders and they were fcuking awesome. Balls big enough to come in a dumptruck! The ultimate topcover for the guys. The 1st WO1 I had as a boss was in Afghanistan. He hated the other Sqn's SSM and would ask us every evening if this bloke had done anything to p155 us off so he could go have an arguement with him (mind you the SSM in question was a tube, when he was RSM he got filled in in his own mess a couple of times). They both knew that their careers weren't going any further so consequently didn't give a fcuk about who they p155ed off above them by saying no, my blokes aren't doing the shi'ite job that you want them to do. So all in all, I don't think that WO2's and WO1's in the last 2 years have a carp attitude.
Is promotion the only reason a person serves? Is promotion the only thing that keeps a person motivated? No promotion in your last 2 years only really knocks you when you see dross getting promoted. Just because you have reached the 20 year point doesn't mean you let go!
The new versatile engagment means that people have 22 years in which they can promote, by providing a 24 year career with 2 year residual service rule. Anyone not promoted by 22 years can get out then and still take their full pension (if still on AFPS 75) or equivalent (if on AFPS 06). They say this will slow down promotion, but the way I see it, it will just return things to before the 2 year residual service rule came in.

A bit of aside but what are people's thoughts on the VEng. On face value it looks like everyone's a winner. So where's the catch, that can't be right, surely?

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