Has real progress been made or is a start of a cut and run.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by bit-new-to-this, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Been reading the site for a while and thought it was about time i did my first post so here goes, be gentle.

    having read a lot of current news reports and plans for the future regarding the Americans removing upwards of 10,000 troops and Britain making more of symbolic but still significant planned withdrawal of over 400, as well as some sources claiming the withdraw of the sas units based there due to lack of high value middle to high taliban leadership (ok i know that its the sun and there not known for their quality control but surely they cant just make stuff up). just wondering what people thought with some of you having been out there and others knowing people who have been on the ground, have you seen real improvement in conditions or is it just the press trying to make it look like more of a plan and less of an embarrassed retreat?
  2. Why not just give us the number for the news desk
  3. What is the point of asking General Lord Dannatt to speak on the wireless, when the ill-mannered and irrelevant little man Justin Webb seldom allows the general to finish a sentence?

    Webb is a disgrace!
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  7. not a journo just interested to know what people who know what its like actually think rather than most of the crap thats in the news these days.

    and congratulations on the creme egg
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  9. OldSnowy

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    Try the DFID or FCO website - even the MOD one has numerous stories of schools built, etc. As for what the Army think - why don't you join up, and see for yourself? You'd probably be through training (if accepted) just in time for the final Herrick :)
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  13. Who cares what state it's in now, just GTFO and leave them to it.
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  14. Well its not like they have any natural resources worth raping...