Has Prince Charles converted to Islam?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. I put this up here for debate. Here is a collection of circumstantial evidence which does not prove, but is consistent with the theory that Prince Charles is a secret convert. What is clear, however, is that Charles is an apologist for Islamist violence, meekly trotting out the same line as "moderates" such as the Muslim Council of Britain with regard to atrocities carried out in the name of the "religion of peace".

    Adjust your tinfoil hat for fit if required, and read on:

  2. Is Charlie going to cop it in a tunnel accident like Di did because people thought that her marrying a Muslim would be a no no. Take this article with a pinch of salt. I mean check out the website name: MILITANT ISLAM MONITOR. Guess they dont like the Muslims much!!!
  3. And at that point I learned everything I needed to know about militantislammonitor.org.
  4. What a refreshingly accomodating bunch of people who are willing to embrace other cultures and religions???
  5. I like to read stuff like that article written by unprejedice people who believe in everyones freedom of speach and beliefs.

    Sorry how do you spell sarcasm
  6. Well, I met him in 2000, and saw him put away a fair sized glass of wine. This of course, proves nothing. The steward was obviously using a double-bottomed wine bottle and pressed a little button to pour Ribena instead of wine. Ribena, now there is a name to conjure with; it has six letters, of which half are vowels and half are consonants. The vowels i,e, a are numbers 9,5,1 in the alphabet, the sum of which is 15, and 15 is a holy number in Islam, being the number of pairs of flip-flops the prophet owned. A coincidence? I think not. The consonants r,b,n are numbered 18,2,14 in the alphabet, the sum of which is 34. Subtract 15 from 34 and you have 19, which is the exact number of hijackers involved in 9/11. A coincidence? I think not. Just consider, add 9 and 11 and you get 20, subtract 20 from 34 and you get 14, "a" is number 1 in the alphabet and is the third vowel in "Ribena", subtract 1 from 14 and you get 13, which is the number of the pillar that Diana´s car hit in that underpass.

    Stoaty, just stick to the midget porn sites... :roll:
  7. Stoatman said

    Do you have an attributed quote or anecdotal evidence of this? I ask , because one of the first to float this idea, was one Daniel Pipes :roll:

    Here is another similarly enlightened website taking up the cause http://www.theraphi.com/stillwell/pcina.html

    Well I never knew the phrase "We can take it" as immortalised by the British following Dunkirk and the Blitz , was actually a statement of resignation as opposed to defiance.
  8. There's a photo out there somewhere (that I'd like to get my hands on) of Charles with a pint in his hand chatting to my son after a military dinner a few months ago. And I'm sure it wasn't piddle in that pintpot!
  9. Nice to see that website is thoroughly fact-checked:
    Someone ought to tell the Queen!
  10. I also remember my lad telling me that Charles had asked him how to make a hamburger.


  11. In response to the London bombings:
    Anybody whose response to an atrocity carried out in the name of Islam is the above, is deeply ignorant of not only the contents of the Koran, but also the history of violent Islamic expansion. It only preaches humanity, tolerance and a sense of community towards other Muslims.

    And before you mention the "people of the book" (some comfort to Hindus, atheists Buddhists etc), please remember that the favourable quotes come from the chronologically early part of the Koran (which incidentally also contains permission to drink wine [16.67], later abrogated by the prohibition of 5.90) , most of which was superseded by later "revelations", such as (restricted to the Koran - the Hadith is often even worse):

    Sense of community, and interfaith tolerance:

    Note that these are only from the Koran (the subject of five minutes searching), so are common in belief to all (true) Muslims. I could go further into the Hadith, but much of the Hadid is disputable.

    Therefore, anyone who claims that peace and tolerance are part of true Islam is either an apologist for this violence through ignorance, or an apologist by choice.