Has our olympic gold winner fallen on hard times?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. Are these the medals of Jim Fox? Done a bit of background snooping but often the info isn't pukka on Wiki which says he was called Jeremy.

    General Service Medal clasps Dhofar and Northern Ireland to 23898300 SSgt JR Fox REME, UN Cyprus, LSGC WO2 REME mounted as worn.

    Basically some medals on Ebay, just too much of a coincidence to be another JR Fox. Are they missing? nicked? or someone elses?


    If it comes to nowt, fair enough. Most of the lads nowadays won't even know who he was, which I think is a shame.

    God I'm having a good leave!
  2. Doesn't it say in the ad his name is John Rodney? Jim also had an MBE too.

    Edited to add the 2nd sentence :D
  3. It does but there's scant info out there. Army number would nail it really. It says on wiki he's called Jeremy not James, so i'm unsure what to believe really. The wiki needs disambiguating.
  4. These medals belonged to a John Rodney Fox, however well spotted on Ebay, too many hours to kill?

    It is a shame that many people within the Corps don't know anything about one of Great Britains and REME's most successful Sportsman, I cannot believe that there is not a 'Sporting Recognition' for REME soldiers with his name, maybe the powers that be have asked him and he politley declined....or maybe they never asked him because he did not play Rugby! :D

    He turns 69 this year and has battled with Parkinsons Disease for many years, it would be a fitting tribute to honour him while we can still see the smile on his face!

    What do you think?


  5. I couldn't agree more. I remember the buzz that was doing the rounds at Arborfield one day way back in 1979 while I was doing basic training. Jim Fox was apparently there and/or paying a visit that particular day. Though I must admit I spent the whole day asking those (also obviously lacking the necessary Jim Fox recognition skills), if any 'stranger' we saw was him. :oops:
  6. During my time at the App Coll 78-80, I used to fence both epee and sabre for the college. Jim Fox used to come down to the fencing club to keep his hand in. You could also see him riding around the garrison. A really nice bloke especially to young recruits and apprentices.
  7. I think there is a REME Sports Hall of Fame (actually a book). I was at a Corps Football Dinner Night a few years back and Miak Taylor was 'entered' into it. I think there was quite a few names in it already but most of them were from pre 70's. May be worth looking in to.
  8. Are you sure? I was in 78C intake and also chose fencing for my hobby. I can remember a fencing champion turning up for a while and "beasting" the Hell out of us, not Jim Fox the pentathlete champion.

    BTW, Jim Fox was a hot topic and source of Corps pride in 78 and the school of electronic engineering had a full-time pentathlon platoon.

    I fenced epee only. I must have known you and you where probably better than me, as I did not last/do all 7 terms as a fencer.
  9. If you fenced epee you'd have fenced against me at some point. We had at one point a Capt from the Glosters (Name escapes me!) who was PS on the Mil training wing who was British Champion and had fenced in the Olympics. We also used to have the REME/Army Modern Pentathlon guys and girls who used to come in and train which is where Jim Fox got involved.

    You might remember me as (Spider) the unfortunate one who having got into the College 3 man team for the Army Championships had to change weapons for sabre due to the Iraqi/Iranian one dropping out. I got to do an abbreviated Sabre training course for the next 4 PT sessions against 5 guys who had never fenced sabre and thought they were Dartagnion heaving a claymore about. We won the minor units and I got to go to the Royal Tournament and still have the medals to prove it.
  10. I was doing basic at Poperinge (sp?) in Arborfield in 1976 and I recall being ordered onto the rent-a-crowd parade as Jim Fox was pulled along in a Landrover at the Army Apprentice College next door.

    We were all roaring & cheering, chucking berets in the air etc, and at the time I really had no idea who he was or what I was doing there, apart from the fact we were told he was an olympian, but it was a welcome break from the daily beastings.
  11. Only because I`ve just mentioned Jim in the REME bit.

    I was at SEE doing my 1st Class in 76 and remember it well.

    Jim fox.jpg
  12. Met him in August 1974. Very nice chap. Sorry to hear he's ill.
  13. Which one is he?.
  14. Shame the landie broke down.
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  15. Yeah but them rec mechs are good aren't they!