Has not the horse bolted?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sangreal, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. My thoughts are genuinely with Mitch at the moment but shouldn’t he have become this prolific about the drugs cause before his daughter’s death?

    Anti-drugs dad

    PS. Ignore Vaz, he's a limelight seeking **** of a man.
  2. I hope his pleadings with ministers fall on deaf ears. His daughter with all her great wealth was constantly in and out of clinics, and still she continued on the drugs/alcohol binge. Doherty, for all his criminal convictions prior to imprisonment will probably continue on the drugs when he gets out of prison and hopefully he will make himself another statistic, the sooner he does this the better.

    Why, when the NHS provides support to junkies, and the criminal justice system is there to rehabilitate them when they have offended, should we divert taxpayers cash to those who habitually continue to use drugs. We have tried the soft options and they don't work.
    Whenever I go to my chemists to collect my prescriptions, there is a queue awaiting their methadone fix, and on several occasions they have needed to call police because those awaiting methadone have stolen stock off the shelves and left the store, despite knowing that they need to return to this chemists to get their next dose of methadone within 24 hours.

    As for Vaz he is a sleazy self serving bastard.
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  3. it seems hes one of the main benificarys in amys will, guess he wont be picking you up from heathrow to the city any longer........

    now He'll go off on an major antidrug and drink crusade, touring the contry getting some spotlight of his own, loving the limelight and the adoration, becoming more addicted to the attention...... after all, its in the blood.
    after a few years we will all be sick of hearing his repetitive drivel and the shouts of 'where were you for Amy!' will start and it'll all end in tears and the bottom of a vodka bottle........... again.......... with a bit of luck.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Mitch has just seen his meal ticket disappear and is trying to fix (see wot I done there? :) ) it so that he will have a job to go to!
  5. Having just had his daughter and the light of his life die the guy (who worked very hard to get her to clean up her act when she was alive) wants to try and save other parents from suffering as he has. If he can use his daughter's life to illustrate the problems of drug addiction and to offer help to others then all power to his elbow. Some people are motivated by other things than money, he may well feel somehow that he failed his daughter and wants to make amends.
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  6. "Things are going to change" says Mitch - what is going to change?

    Stupid kids will continue to use drugs - many will die.

    Doherty will continue to be an unknown excepting for his criminal activities and his wholly unacceptable behaviour.

    The oleaginous, self important, allegedly 'dodgy', greatly disliked Vaz will continue to pontificate, pose and preen in any limelight that he can squeeze his lumpen form into. That this frantically awful man is a Commons Committee chairman, shows the dearth of 'talent' in 'Red Ed's' Labour Party.

    Why are folk even slightly interested in the demise of a drug-addict?
  7. All rather simple really.

    Arrseholes who are famous and looked up to (ie the cnut docherty and the late amy winehouse) should have the full force of the law applied to them. The great heel justice grinding them in to prison.

    Once in, cold turkey time.

    Likewise all these other users. If they need methadone every 24hours they can't be functional. Into a secure wing, locked in a cell and let them climb the walls. Then we can work at saving them.

    The benefits ad its associated culture MUST change. We must stop paying people to just die but still breath. If they had something to get out of bed for in the morning a lot of esteem and social problems would be avoided.

    And of course school education should focus on developing the child in to an adult, not filling their heads with trendy sh1t and popping them out with a A* in shit.
  8. "…"We always revisit our reports but I think it's important that we look again because it seems, from what he has said today, the level of support is not there and there appears to be an inconsistency of funding," Mr Vaz said.…"

    Oh do **** off Vaz!

    She was a muli millionaire, she didn't need either the NHS or the help it could provide, (not that the drug addled bitch sought it), she could have paid for the best drugs rehab clinic money could buy - but she didn't. Instead she spent her money boosting the profits of Columbian drug cartels.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think Auld Yin may be being unfair to the father. If he was only interested in the money he could sit back keep stum and let it roll in - I suspect there is more than enough coming in at the moment to keep him in clover for the rest of his days. IIRC correctly he has talked publicly about the dangers of substance abuse and has tried to get his daughter to clean up her act.

    I find it difficult to be overly sympathetic to Amy Winehouse. I have friends with 'addiction issues' and I understand that it's an illness but there is a large element of self infliction about it. She choose the life she lead and ultimately her own death.

    I am not sympathetic to creatures that she surrounded herself with but I sometimes wonder when they are accused of fuelling her destruction whether or not it might be the other way around. Maybe they are as much 'victims' as she was - and 'victim' is not a term I'm fully comfortable with for the self inflicted casualty.

    If only life where black and white...
  10. I agree with Markintime and buggeroff. I think the Dad is using his daughters death and her fame to try to prevent others going the same way. He tried to help HIS daughter through her problems, which has to be time consuming. When he was trying to get his daugter sorted out he probably noticed that there was little to no help, but he didn't need it. Now she has gone he has the time, motivation and sadly the reason to try to help those with such problems. I wish him luck.
  11. Those slating the Dad as some sort of gold digger, and never bringing this up before...

    She wrote a song saying she wouldn't go to rehab, no, no, no, because her dad (and a few others wanted her to seek help)... at one point her manager and father were trying to get her sectioned as she was on a real downward slope.

    Just because he is going public now, doesn't mean he hasn't tried inthe past. Out of the public eye somewhat.

    Obviously the public now adays don't realise something can have happened if it is not all over the trashy, celeb mags.
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  12. Drug abuse is just evolution's adaption to the problem of modern medical science.

    Darwin would have been really proud of his baby!
  13. The whole Anti drugs campaign is massivley flawed tbh, since when do kids/young adults listen to govt advice?
    From primary school they're taught that drugs are BAD, no up side just BAD BAD BAD.
    Then some mate give them some drugs to try and all of a sudden they haven't died or ended up with a dog on a piece of string by a cashpoint. And theirin lies the flaw, this bloke can say all he wants tbh, the effect will be minimal.

    Drugs should be legalised as booze is, addicts will always exist look how many pisshead there are, but then quantify that by how many people drink to how many are drinkers?
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  14. So society should accept all the crime associated with crack/heroin etc, without doing anything about it apart from putting the little darlings into expensive and massively unsuccessful drug treatment centres? I think not.

    Winehouse was a junkie, albeit with a massive bank balance to fund her habit, and on occasions the odd week or 2 in rehab, most junkies don't have the finances to support their habit so gain their next fix by burglary or other crime. We have tried the soft option (look at Doherty) time for the gloves to come off and lets clamp down not just on the dealers, but also the users.

    I don't hold my breath for the government to do anything positive about drugs.
  15. Those convicted f drug dealing should have their assets seized and given a long drop attached to a short rope... by the neck.