Has NAAFI become a parasite to the forces? Discuss.

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Profiteering; pitiful rebates (wouldn't you rather have lower prices rather than a £10,000 rebate every 20 years?); poor service; extortionate insurance (always go with AXA); stores that have had no refurbishment in decades?

Pay As You Dine?!!!!!!

Isn't it more like 'NAAFI Profit as You Dine'! - And monopolise your camp!

Shouldn't they be stopped? :twisted:
Semi-facetious reply here:

Why not go the way of the yanks and allow franchises onto larger garrisons, allowing for fair competition and better selection for the troops?

Most yanks bases have a PX, BX, fast food restaurant and a few other smaller shops, all privately run. Obviously security would be a concern but just apply the normal checks and balances that apply to all civvy staff on camp.
And another thing......Because they have the monopoly, they are mostly grumpy buggers or rude. If we had a choice, they would not get a lookin with their current standards :evil:


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Anyone remember when NAFF had the Food Contract a few years back? People were starving, te NAAFI went bankrupt, and Bookers took over. Goes to show how useless they are, when even a company like that are an improvement...

Also, when Ulster got 'peaceful', and they decided to enforce their monopoly in camps, and force the closure of Sutlers Shops - the old 'Golly Shops'? NAAFI are useless, and their staff are mostly window-lickers of the lowest order :x


Thier service here in Germany is atrocious. Jumped up squaddies wives lording it about like they own the place. Having to stand at a check out waiting whilst the checkout girl and her pal have a conversation and when you ask then to hurry up, they look at you like you've got 2 heads.
cdn_spr said:
Obviously security would be a concern but just apply the normal checks and balances that apply to all civvy staff on camp.
No more than for NAAFI Civi's I should think?
Some choice would be great, but you couldn't restrict it to just large garrisons. Every barracks, RAF Station and Naval establishment would have to be provided with facilities. Inevitably some would make a loss - NAAFI can support these by having shops and bars everywhere, franchisees could not. This is not to say that I necessarily think NAAFI are the only candidates.

I agree that NAAFI catering in Germany is dire, but is it any worse than Sodexho, Eurest or the other wretches currently making every meal miserable in UK? PAYD gives the winning contractor the right to be the only supplier on base - so you can wave goodbye to those Red Shield shops and cafes, and the YWCA, and everywhere else you can get a reasonably priced brew.

PAYD will initially look good, with Starbucks stylee coffee bars and food courts, but it will all have to be paid for. There'll be DMR meals, but they'll be crap and the decent choices will be expensive. Once everyone starts buying microwave meals at Tesco, stand by for microwaves to be banned - 'fire risk' or 'health and safety'. Bad service - ask anywhere where PAYD has been trialled - minimum wage staff - peanuts = monkeys.
Exactly. So why not open it up to the private market? I'm sure loads of companies would love to get their greasy fingers into my wallet.

Even the canadians do the 'on camp' services better than us, anyone who's been to batus will concur. Pizza Hut in the crowsfoot cafe? And compare the Canex in Ralston Village to your local Naafi........

The closest comparison I can come to is the pads naafi at the top end of Dhekelia Garrison (the one that is a short walk from 62 sqn RE's block). So Naafi can pull out the stops when required, just not in the UK it would seem.

oh and biscuits, thats cdn as in canadian! not commando, flattered, but I'm far from a dettol badged jedi!! :lol:
Shouldn't they be stopped?
Yes! Yes! and Yes again!!

Surely it is time for the Forces to break from NAAFI, and to bring in something decent

Just Ginsters Vending machine would probably see an improvement for starters... Both in service and quality
I know what Cdn sapper is getting at.

I thought though that USPX/Bxs were not independent organisations.

and as for Canex, it's generally cr*p too. No deals there, they're supposed to have prices on par with the local market.

MapleLeaf Services was better.
True, I remember some canexs, like at CFB Borden, used to be very sh*te.

And I stand corrected, the BX/PX is run by some sort of personal admin agency for the US Forces. Point being however, the quality of service offered by them compared to Naafi/MOD Plc.
Yes the PX/NX/BX's are not pvt like the NAAFI.

One thing the do Guarantee is that the price you pay is equal or less than in the stores back home in US. Even in the US retired serviceman can use the service and most px's are cheaper than other stores.

Not quit like the NAAFI , how much is a loaf of bread,pnit of milk or tin of beans compared to the UK..

Robbing barstewared with a captive market.
US bases have commisaries for food stuffs, and prices in them are below regular stores.

PX/BX prices, from what I've seen, are pretty much always less than regular stores, even though they say "equal" to.
They also sell brand name goods, not just price increased no-name junk.
Never did like the NAAFI. Inferior products at grossly inflated prices, poor cusomer service etc. Independent contractors would be a great alternative though would it be commercially viable?

Forgive my ignorance (I retired over twenty years ago) though are the ACC, or whatever they morphed into, not now responsible for feeding the army? If not them, who?


It's a ploy to convince you that they are busy. Once you've gone back to work, it's feet up, tabs on!
It's good to see there is a healthy disdain for NAAFI's lazy and unconvincing service (if indeed 'service' is the correct word to use)!

Budding entrepreneurs - set up shops outside barracks to compete with NAAFI. As long as you rotate your stock once every two years and employ staff who can at least spell 'customer service' you'll be quids in!
Most NAAFI employees look like a bulldog licking piss off a mustard gas shell! I was drinking in the NAAFI at kineton one night when, surprise, surprise, they were short staffed and closed early. When the enevitable complaints were raised the manager told us collectively to "**** off to the Gaydon Pub, if we didnt like it" (the gaydon being the local pub 3 miles away!).
How is that for a level of customer service?
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