Has my wife got a case for racial discrimination against the

I have been married to a girl from Belfast for over 10 years. I first met her in 1993 at RUC Andersonstown when she was a peeler. A few months ago we moved to Hohne and she tried to gain employment. Before that she was employed by GLSU both in Munster and Detmold. She was told yet again that she had to complete a Counter Terrorist Check form in order to register for work. This time she refused her reason being that she had done more in the war against terror than the shiny arses. Unfortnately this meant that she could not work in the Garrison.
I went to the GLSU rep and asked why, only to be told that because she came from NI she had to be checked. I asked him if anyone else in the UK had to complete the form and he sain NO. I informed him that the terrorist threat, these days, came from fundamental Islamic terrorists and not the IRA but he didn't seem to comprehend what I was getting at.
My wife told me to forget the subject but I can't because It's not write. My wife is a British citizen, unfortunately at times not treated like one. Personally I think that the MOD has a case to answer since I have since heard that people from the muslim faith have not been vetted in any way in case it infringes their civil rights.
What the bloody hell is going on these days!!


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I am british and I had to do a ctc. Have got nothing to hide...
If she wants the job, she will have to do the check.

My wife had to do one, and she is not Muslim or Northern Irish. It may be more to do with what job she wantst o go into. The GLSU may be talking rubbish.

PS, see below and help if you can. Pass it on to your friends too.

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