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Has my computer, or has ARRSE, picked-up a virus??

I know it was late last night, when I posted a few items - but I'm certain I'd spelled and punctuated correctly. I normally work off-line, spell-check, and "copy & post" anyway.

This morning looking at responses, etc, most of the correct punctuation I used last night, has been replaced with question-marks (?). It has continued through - where others "quoted" my post in their own, damn question-marks everywhere.

Other posts by other contributors (but not all), seem to be similarly afflicted. Question-marks, where something else should be.

Is is (just) me?? (deliberate question-marks that time!!)
NO! really I wasn't, hadn't, didn't!!

Moderator Mr Happy, is now dealing with it and he seems to know the problem/answer. For those within this forum who might be interested, I sent the following to Mr Happy, as an example of what had purturbed me earlier.

On page two of the following thread,


my post is the ninth one down.

I sent you the PM, after I tidied-up/corrected, what I thought might have been my late night mistakes.

But, if you look at fangy1’s post immediately below mine, he “quoted” my post (number nine), and the changes are still in the quote within his post, that I was presented with this morning.

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