Has mouth, will use.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crouching_tiger, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Right. I'd like to 'feel out' the market for a chap who is overly honest and says what he thinks, the moment he thinks it, to the point of being abrupt, with little or no care for how it makes the other person feel. Even if it's bad, rude or hurtful. Far better than keeping schtum in my opinion. Has to be able to put up with similar, although always put in the politest eloquence the Queen's English has to offer. That's just the way I am so fcuk off you cnut if you don't like it.

    Anyone out there matching that desciption? Any rude, outspoken, opinionated blokes so in touch with their feelings they're ready to share whether you like it or not, or is this just a pipe dream?
  2. NO feck off.
  3. That's what I'm talking about. You've restored my faith.
  4. There'll be plenty of suitors on here to suit you, Tiger, although you might find some of them lack the courtesy and the Queen's English that you desire!

  5. Thought was getting the offer of a BJ. No such luck :(
  6. On your knees biatch and just help yourself..................for my pleasure, obviously ! And when you finish that, get on with the ironing !
  7. I thought this was lonely hearts, not sad lonely blokes who don't get enough. Great chat up line though, Dragoon, made me tingly all over :D
  8. God, I am going to have to work on my chat-up lines.....

  9. Was going to get you to do some sewing for me, after the knee submission and ironing obviously but, then notice you have a childhood problem with sewing machines.........lol
  10. Ah yes, that was a small children's one though (train 'em young). I can still smell the plastic burning. Come to think of it, I reckon I could do a lot more damage with one of those cast iron old-school Singer machines nowadays. My mother's weighs about 8 kg.

    I'd best not do any sewing. :(
  11. Ok, Crouching-Tiger, lets not mess about here, PM me ?
  12. OK Litotes, but where? I don't expect eloquence from others (but some people don't like the plum in my mouth, so to speak), though I hope articulate isn't too much to ask for. So... basically... a creative and witty Gobsh!te?!
  13. Plum in your mouth? Damn we've already done the BJ joke!
  14. Should that not be "plums" then?
  15. You ain't seen the size of mine marra!