Has JPA screwed up your pay

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by clownfish, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Did you know that if you get bank charges due entirely to your pay not being correct then you can claim them back from the MOD (just the charges that is)
  2. Excellent! Will "try" that. I bet my admin office reject it though!!!

    Lifes too short & then you die!!
  3. Not up to them it is done by the Budget office further up the chain, your pay office normally have to refer it upwards.
  4. JPA has given me more money!!

    I love JPA!!
  5. Is ok cos you can sue the banks as well getting double money

    oh and my m8 on swop over to JPA got no pay cos it said on system she had got out last Oct :)
  6. has jpa messed up my pay.....in a word no
  7. me neither
  8. Hasn't screwed up my pay, but it is discharging me at the end of the month (you thought they would have asked!) oh, and they have also changed my pension scheme and (as I was commissioned LE) they have cut my length of service to 10 years (from my LE commission date) if you have had broken service at all (even a day) check with your admin office, it will have "zeroed" your clock from when you re-engaged. Bad news eh (?) and I work at APC Glasgow!!!
  9. in a word YES!

    JPA decided that i didn't need my bank allotment anymore. CHEERS!

  10. Ah, the enemy.
    Maybe I should start raising my problems here instead of ringing the Enquiry Centre?

    "Sorry, a bounty? What's that?"
  11. Same as mate.

    Had to take money out of UK account and get charged loads.

    Am getting it back but its the arrse around factor.
  12. JPAC Help Desk eh(?) :x Novel idea, I found them to be unhelpful in the extreme. Good luck though, I am sure there is someone manning it who has a clue...Try it, I found at least it gives you someone to talk to...bit like the Samaritans only slightly less effective.
  13. im currently TA and i havent been paid since christmas excempt for me bounty of course , whats f*cked me over even more then that is as im joining the regulars, im effectively in limbo , as the colonel up at glasgow has made the decision to stop all re entries as JPA has a fit once they get to battalion, and stops there pay , ive been told that until it is sorted i will have to " wait out " for how long you ask " how long is a piece of string" was the answer , then jump once i get a date to turn up at catterick . i put my application in last november , has taken up till this date just to get to the point were i might be able to be given a date .
    anyone up a glasgow have any idea how long it will take to sort this particular JPA glich?
  14. I'm currently on an op tour which keeps me pretty isolated from the UK system. The global RAO have been really good, but I was wondering if anyone had come across any "typical" problems with JPS that may be waiting for me when the pay statements finally catch up with me.