Has Jezza become a raving queer?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kaye, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. I just saw Top Gear and the Star-in-the-reasonably-priced-car was Will Young. To my dismay my Hero, Mr Jeremy Clarkson esq practically started chatting up that poof and was soon discussing throw pillows and interior design with Young agreeing and getting visibly aroused by Mr Bear Clarkson! :x

    They want to do a bloody show on interior architecture for godsakes! Young has found his sugardaddy, but we've lost our leading light and last semblance of positive Male Role Model and masculinity on the Telly!

    Is Clarkson what the Germans refer to as a 'Klemmschwester'? Is he now one of those middleaged men who visit layby's on motorways for a bit of buggering before going back to the missus with a sore arrse?

    Do we need to find a new rolemodel? Who will save us from Broon now?

    Damn! My world is in shambles!
  2. I found it brilliantly funny. I thought Clarkson was visibly nervous about the obvious flirting going on!
  3. Unfortunately I missed top gear. Maybe not so unfortunate if your post is anything to go by. I'm assuming it's repeated later this week though?

    However, I'll counter your Clarkson is gay comments, with a, I saw an advert for his new dvd where he improvises a rocket launcher of sorts on the side of his car to take out speed cameras. That has to up his manliness a few pegs surely?

  4. That isn't the kind of young mans head you are interested in.
  5. Certainly not the kind Will Young is interested in!!Jezza was definately uncomfortable and realised the double entendres he kept using.
  6. Geremy is straight and he had a gay guest on. What did you want him to do? look miserable while sh*****g cheryl cole? Stop being so miserable lol.
  7. Clarkson is a skilful interviewer. It seemed to me that he picked up the interior design subject and ran with it for a bit in order to keep the interview in Will Young's comfort zone.

    I seriously doubt that Clarkson has ever genuinely looked at a cushion and thought, 'that needs a broader stripe'.

  8. .... and The Stig chases some sheep ??!

    That part made me laugh.
  9. Don't we all?

    edit: mong spelling -
  10. I do seriously doubt Il Clarkson ever thinking about the width of the stripe on some cushion... I did like his reference to orange and brown though. He really did stop developing any sense of taste in the late 70-ies!

    Good for him.

    Having slept on it, I do believe Jezzman was seriously out of his depth while interviewing Will Young. I must say Young scored some points in my book. He's a genuinely likeable guy. Too bad he takes it up the arrse... Maybe that's why Clarkson had some problems with it. He liked interviewing a guy who did a real life Top Gear race and won it! That said poof then started to make some avances and took anything Jezza said as a double entendre only makes the TV hilarious!

    I still have a slight feeling that The Man had a bit of a Bi-Curious experience while on national television. Maybe someone can lay a hand on the off screen reactions Jerry got from Hammond and May!
  11. sat here watching the aussie version of TG. It sucks in comparison. hopefully we'll get to see the interview down here soon - sounds like it was quite funny.
  12. Arguably, the best part of last night's program was when Jezza apologised to the Nation after all the complaints the BBC had recieved about him...not putting the car's time on the board! :twisted: :lol:
  13. was it as funny as Ali G's interview with Gail Porter? when he serenaded her with "every breath you take"? now that was visibly nervous!
  14. Will Young the singing chimp.
    Had to laugh when Richard (love child of the chuckle brothers) Hammnd was suggested as a possible commentator for F1 the guy can't even commentator on a Stig lap without it being obvious that he is reading from a Q-card.