Has Israel Gone too far or has Hamas gone too far?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Israel has gone one step too far

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  2. Hamas is exploiting the civ pop as human shields

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  3. There is no end to this conflict

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  4. Obama may save the day

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  5. Blair may save the day

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  6. Both sides need their heads banging together.

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  1. From Reuters
    By Adam Entous and Ari Rabinovitch

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday issued a "last-minute" appeal to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to reject their Hamas rulers and stop rocket fire at Israel, warning them he would not hesitate to use force.

    His comments were the clearest indication yet that Israel was preparing a possible Gaza offensive which could result in heavy casualties on both sides and fuel a humanitarian crisis.
  2. "Heavy casualties on both sides". Is that some kind of PC gone mad way of not actually saying "heavy Palestinian civilian casualties"??
  3. No! Really? :roll:

    Same old same old......

    Sledgehammer: "Hello nut."

    Nut: "Up yours, you zionist pigs."


    Israel issues new threat.............
  4. Yeah, just let the palestinians carry on killing Israeli's ...whats a few dead Jews anyway :roll:
  5. Eh?
  6. "Thursday's rocket fire was far less than the barrage of 80 rockets the previous day, and there were no reports of injuries."
  7. Of course - most of Hamas were on their Christmas break! Only few Durka -Durkas who fancied earning some double time. :D
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Surely if he has to warn them to stop, he is already hesitating.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So it's ok to fire rockets at civilians then, because they are Jews? :roll:
  10. Just reread that again, ashie. Do you listen to yourself sometimes... cnut!
  11. FFS! if you don't want to get f*cking malleted by the IDF, stop firing rockets at their civilians, simple.

    I wouldn't go into a zoo, pull a tigers tail and whinge if I got mauled.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    How dare you say that, the tiger should turn around and give you a big sloppy kiss for your troubles. :roll: Here kitty kitty.
  13. Waddya mean? A number of posters have referred to "Killing Jews". These rockets rarely harm anyone at all, let alone kill anyone (regrettable though these rockets are). And yet the report under reference refers to "a possible Gaza offensive which could result in heavy casualties on both sides and fuel a humanitarian crisis".

    A bit OTT no? Anyway, I now read that the offensive has been called-off. Obviously common-sense has prevailed. For now.
  14. I don't think civilians should be brought into conflict at all. Nor do I wish this to degenerate into a "look at how many Palestinian civilians are killed by Israel" kinda thread. But the numbers are readily available of civilian casualties on both sides.
  15. Great idea, let's close all the borders inside Gaza, imprison everyone with no means of employment or other economic support, then bomb the sh*t out of the inhabitants with M16 rockets. "Ah but we were only firing at the militants, the 120 dead women and children were unlucky".

    I can't fathom why the USA has such an ingrained mantra to protect Israel at all costs, despite its barbaric acts. No matter how it imprisons the Palestinians, flouts every UN resolution and shoots journalists and tourists, the world stills seems to have this all-consuming guilt about WW2 Nazi atrocities that act as a "get out of jail free" card whatever the state of Israel gets up to. Isn't it amazing how a little nation with a huge armoury of nuclear weapons and a modern defence force needs all that protection against its 3rd world neighbours. Perhaps linked to the population of immigrant ex-Europeans and Americans with plenty of influential contacts, unlike the dark-skinned Palestinian muslims and christians. You'd think the Jews would know a bit about being victimised by a brutal state.

    There are obviously more than a few psychos inside Gaza who are firing rockets (with very occasional casualties - a bit like stuff getting lobbed over the old Peace Line in Belfast in the good old days), but that's no excuse for blitzing the whole city. Indiscriminate attacks are against the Geneva Convention, but these sociopathic lunatics get away with it time and time again. All they do is stir up hatred and people in the west fail to understand that there is a genuine grievance. Not in my back yard = who gives a toss.