Has IDS been reading Arrse and plagiarising it for policy ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Welfare benefit reforms unveiled by government

    You may recall the method the IRA use(d), for defrauding the benefits system, being described on threads. With the fact that as long ago as 1976 those investigating such fraud recommended that the benefits system be changed to a central dept who issued benefits out of work and credits to supplement low wages in work. To ensure that work always paid above benefits and allowing hundreds of thousands of public sector parasites working in useless benefits admin to be made redundant. And to make defrauding the system a helluva lot harder even for the IRA !

    Next idea, IDS, Parish elections for volunteer constables. Recognise Army trade classifications for civpol. Semi skilled. Hence abandon as an oxymoron degrees in police studies. Let parish volunteers voted in by the people take care of communities and anti social behaviour.

    The oxymoron abandonment of degrees should extend also to sociology, drama studies, media studies, womens' studies.

    Outlaw redundancy pay. It is irrational to reward people for failure or obsolescence.

    Emphasise Common Law. Hence make it general knowledge that the multicultural experiment not only failed and created tensions but was always unlawful.

    Try Tony Blair for Treason (Good Friday Agreement being the first charge and add all other charges as they affect you)

    Call in Prince Charlie. Never mind becoming "Defender of faiths you Van Der Impostor. Grow up and steady yourself to become sole fount of justice and ensure there is indeed no law in this land save that of the realm. And avail yourself for a useful days work as we need someone to swing Tony Blair"

    Have a good day IDS well done so far.
  2. Oh and bring back the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 for whole of UK and not just NI.

    The repeal was a bit of Jack Straw chicanery.

    Oh Straw ! "Charlie we will need another scaffold mate"
  3. Clearly not.He makes no mention of doing your Mother.
  4. If he does then ..

    Instead of setting the CSA targets for cash to be collected how about actually revising it to a system that treats absent fathers as people and not cash pinyata's and/or criminals. Getting people who can work out a percentage might help, my assessment has been revised EIGHT times despite being on the same salary. Despite having no arrears the last one was for 57% of my net wage, I am supposed to pay 20%. I have since been threatened with removal of driving licence and passport as well as a jail sentence, just for cancelling my direct debit and setting up a standing order for the right amount. Otherwise I would be homeless you see. Contrast this with the actions of my ex wife in constantly breaking court access orders, why arent the same penalties that are levelled at me for daring to challenge the CSA applied to her for disobeying a court order ??

    Or are you running scared of the gobby egg carriers who scream that we are all feckless dads the minute any sensble revisions are suggested ??
  5. Having been through divorce - and a very nasty one that took nearly four years, and for no reason other than the lawyers dragged it out deliberately and with the complicity of the courts to extract as much money as possible - I can confirm that the system is loaded against the husbands. As I reported once before, the court Usher at Aldershot court, who was about 70 years old and a former Hampshire Regiment WW2 veteran took me to one side and said: "Son, these vultures (gesturing at the lawyers) see you as a "payer". The court sees you as a "payer". Your job is to make sure you don't pay too much." He was absolutely right. Having originally offered the old bag 10,000 quid to **** off and die, along with generous maintenance for my daughter, the old bag was awarded 7,000 quid and a hundred pounds a month less maintenance than I had offered her originally. But the cost of getting the judgement was probably around 100,000 quid and four years of our lives wasted. Since she had been on legal aid, the legal aid people took the 7,000 quid I paid her. The whole divorce thing is a cynical scam by the legal profession to squeeze as much money as possible out of the poor bastards who dare to divorce.

    I think that there is a strong case for monitoring the legal system and curtailing the profiteering antics of the legal beagles. That or just shoot 50% of them out of hand since most of them are useless anyway.

    As for the CSA it was trumpeted about that it was being set up to chase absent fathers and make them pay. In fact from the outset, the CSA concentrated on those who were already paying and in many cases, demanded increased payments beyond peoples ability to pay. In my case, I told the old bag that if CSA so much as looked in my direction I would be offski abroad and she wouldn't get another penny. She didn't call CSA and as a result I voluntarily paid maintenance right up until my daughter finished university. In my view the CSA should be shut down and a less bureaucratic and more appropriate system set up that is more in keeping with the needs of the people concerned, including the children.
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Big Ears will get his go as soon as Brenda pops her clogs. He won't be around for the same length of time as his mum.

    Try telling the European Union that there is "no law in this land save that of the realm", Oh I forgot EU Directives form part of statute law.