Has Guardsman Fry had his medals nicked?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sandy_boots, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. They're on ebay courtesy an ignorant vendor:

    item 170141041008

    Could he be in Afghanistan and not know about this?
  2. looks like it.

    The rmp need to look into this.
  3. The sellers also solda bearskin for £300.

    Could it be gaurdsmen fry's missus selling off all his stuff whilst he's on tour?

    Something not right here.
  4. Also all his issued kit is on sale.

    Issued kit

    If it was the man himself he would know what the medals were.
  5. Idea: Could someone in their rear party contact the grenadiers out in Afghan and let him the guardsman know his medals are being sold off.
  6. If it was the man himself he would be able to spell: "Elizerbeth" and "Bosnier"!!! Someone needs to follow this up - they seller is happy for the buyer to collect.
  7. Hope the RMP know about the collection bit, why do people flog their kit on ebay when they know it is monitored?
  8. Sure its 'Fry'? There's a D*blank*FRY there, obscured by the flash...

    Still, with the last 5 digits of his number as well shouldn't be hard to find him.
  9. It's not the man himself Iron, it's more than likely some scorned bint.
  10. Seems odd given the baby tat/house junk the seller normally deals in.
    Have asked
    1 Are they yours?
    2 Any papers to expalin how they were won?- yes, yes, I know what they are but to say/ask using correct terms may cause them to clam up
  11. I wonder what would be the score if say for instance you actually brought this kit. Would you be an accessory after the fact?

    Shame about the Medals.
  12. She's got rough arms fer a bird..

  13. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

    Archer, let us know if you get any response although I agree it's likely to be unhelpful.
  14. There is one listed on armynet with the last 3 numbers in the guards.

  15. If you enlarge one of the photos you can see it says LcplS D Fry GREN and most of the Reg No on another photo (last 5 and I would say first 2 would be 25 so quite easy really) Regarding tattoo's Ive seen plenty of women with tatts like that and hairy arms :D